OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015


Software Concepts International

Bio: Norman J. Lastovica is a Senior Consulting Engineer with Software Concepts International. Mr. Lastovica has over 30 years of experience with large computer systems design and development including several major production, benchmark and prototyping efforts. Norman Lastovica previously worked for Digital Equipment Corporation and Oracle Corporation. As a Senior Managing Engineer within Oracle's OpenVMS Products Engineering organization, he was the KODA project team leader, where he shared responsibility for the performance, physical data storage, index, journaling, recovery, row cache, hot standby, and LogMiner components of the Oracle Rdb product family. Designer of patented technologies, some of past projects include porting Oracle Rdb to the Itanium platform, implementing the Oracle Rdb LogMiner, Snapshots in Cache features, and benchmarking 64-core Superdome configurations. A renowned expert on OpenVMS technologies, Mr. Lastovica also specializes in application and system porting between OpenVMS platforms as well as interfacing with and porting between other operating systems. Mr. Lastovica creates and delivers extensive presentations varying from high-level business analysis to detailed technical material. His vast expertise with OpenVMS, Oracle and Rdb provide insight in to challenging opportunities within complex environments.