OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015


Maklee Engineering

Maklee Engineering was founded by Guy Peleg, a renowned performance tuning expert with 15 years of experience, and extensive knowledge in O/S, Oracle, system programming and Java on various platforms. A former staff member of OpenVMS Engineering, Guy was part of the team that developed OpenVMS at HP and ported OpenVMS from Alpha to Itanium. At Maklee Engineering, Guy has created a winning team of highly skilled engineering professionals to deliver advanced solutions for the toughest challenges. Christian Moser, a world-leading OpenVMS expert, is Maklee’s VP Technology, working closely with Guy to drive Maklee forward, consistently achieving outstanding results for clients. Maklee Engineering is proud of its extensive range of services that make it a leading solutions source in the field. The company has worked with mission-critical customers around the world and in numerous industries, including manufacturing, such as steel mills, financial institutions, emergency services, retail, telecommunications, stock exchanges and health & pharmaceuticals. At all times, Maklee is committed to providing the highest quality technical services delivered by the industry’s top experts. Specializing in Oracle performance tuning, Maklee offers an innovative approach to consulting – if we do not achieve the results agreed upon in advance, we won’t charge you.