OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015

VMS Support Engineer

Hewlett-Packard Sverige AB

Robert has worked professionally with OpenVMS since 1993, and joined Digital in 1998 to work in the Swedish OpenVMS Support-team where he started off with helping customers to install ABS and develop comprehensive backup plans. He also found time between the customer engagements to teach some of the OpenVMS-courses; From Fundamentals, through System Management, to Clusters, including TCP/IP-services. Later he learned RTR and provided worldwide RTR-support for many years to RTR-customers around the world. With fewer RTR-customers around today he now also support Pathworks, Advanced Server, and CIFS/Samba. Since December 2006 he is also one of the OpenVMS Ambassadors in Sweden, mainly focusing on transitioning customers from Alpha to Itanium. Privately he can sometimes be seen at Medieval Events, usually dressed as a viking.