OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015

Senior Software Engineer

VMS Software

Brett Cameron works as a senior software engineer at VMS Software (, helping to define and implement the company’s Open Source strategy for the OpenVMS operating system. Prior to joining VMS Software, Brett worked as a senior software architect with HP’s Cloud Services and Enterprise Services groups. Brett lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and has worked in the software industry since 1992. In that time he has had experience with a wide range of software technologies, many of which have long since been retired to the software scrapheap of dubious ideas. Over the past decade Brett has spent considerable time travelling the world helping organisations to modernize legacy application environments, to integrate the old with the new, and to better leverage Open Source technologies. Brett has been involved in several interesting Open Source projects, and he has been responsible (or should that be irresponsible) for porting various pieces of Open Source software to the OpenVMS platform. Brett holds a doctorate in chemical physics from the University of Canterbury, and maintains close links with the University, delivering guest lectures and acting as an advisor to the Computer Science and Electronic and Computer Engineering departments on course structure and content. In his spare time Brett enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar, and drinking beer.