OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Migrating from Ingres to Oracle on OpenVMS

Track: Migration & Porting

, Software Engineer, DoD

This talk discusses the trials and tribulations of successfully moving an Ingres database to Alpha OpenVMS with VAX C to Itanium OpenVMS using HP C, Oracle OCI and Itanium HP/UX Oracle RDBMS. Migration of the Ingres pre-compiler C source code was done with a code generation parsing script that was developed which read the pre-compiler C and wrote out Oracle OCI code. This presentation will cover the approach for Oracle OCI code generation and the fun involved when migrating a system from a pre-ANSI C environment to an ANSI C environment. Also covered will be the change in thinking involved when moving from an older database to a modern database. For example: Not having to include application code that re-builds indexes; moving data structures that are complex but memory friendly to database structures that are modular and lend themselves to system maintenance; and changing table structures to take advantage of modern processors, storage systems and networks.

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