OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Ada on OpenVMS, filling the gap

Track: Programming

, ceo, pia-sofer

For now, the Ada compiler for OpenVMS Itanium is Gnat Ada, Open source project which was sustained by Adacore. Adacore freezes its existent support on OpenVMS and does not take new OpenVMS customers, even if they are porting from Dec Ada (Alpha) to Gnat Ada (Itanium), because Adacore considers them as new customers. But Gnat Ada is Open source. It’s possible to rebuild the compiler from its sources. An on-going project has been launched on this idea. It’s a cross-compiler experience because OpenVMS Gnat Ada is an gcc idiom, built from Linux. The presentation explains the why’s and the how’s of the project, and opens discussions about the technical collaboration between the “other world”, Linux, and OpenVMS, in this case, and about future(s) of Ada on OpenVMS.

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