OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
i4 vs. i2 - A Performance evaluation based on a real-world application

Track: Performance

, OpenVMS Technical Consultant IV, HP
, Senior Expert Performance/Infrastructure, Eurex

The theoretical advantages of i4 Blades over i2 Blades have been shown with many artificial benchmarks and descriptions of technical improvements. During this talk, the presenters will describe a real-world application running on an i2-Blade-based VMS cluster and the effects of the stepwise replacement of i2 Blades with new i4 Blades. The presentation will be split into two parts: First, Thilo Lauer will examine the performance impact of the new hardware from an operating system perspective, using T4 data to evaluate certain VMS metrics. The second part is done by Martin Zinser, who will have a close look at the new systems' performance figures from an application point of view.

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