OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Charon AXP Plus – Breaking the 1 Ghz speed barrier

Track: Meal / Reception

, Managing Consultant, S.IT.CO.

Overcoming a 1 Ghz Alpha Emulation today presents a siginficant overhead due to the fact that sometimes hundreds of x86/x64 instructions have to be emulated for a sequence of just a few Alpha instructions. To solve this overhead Stromasys SA is developing a new CHARON emulator with the goal to emulate as little as possible and offload the rest to hardware! This session will provide an overview of what Stromasys SA is developing in order to overcome this speed barrier. It will provide information on the new concept of CHARON AXP+, a future new member of the CHARON emulator family. The concept will be shown as well as how it is implemented and some performance figures will be given. This session will help participants understand the concepts of this new CHARON emulator and prepare them for an eventual use in their environment, where the key benefit is to be able to emulate AXP systems with high power CPUs. The expected audience is technical. Knowledge of CHARON emulators is a benefit.

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