OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Adventures of VMS Moves, Migrations and Rehosting...

Track: Migration & Porting

, VP VMS System Services, Software Concepts International

VMS has been around for a long time and in all likelihood, you are NOT running on that same VAX-11/780 you purchased in 1980. Thanks to the fine engineering that’s gone into VMS, many VMS migrations truly are non-events. But when business needs cause changes such as moving entire data centers, [Brad McCusker] requiring modern disaster recovery from your 1990s Alpha Servers, or jumping over 30 years of technological changes only to discover that the “build procedures” were not quite as robust as once imagined, the migrations become much more interesting. In this session, we will discuss several of the more esoteric OpenVMS migration projects that we have been involved in and how we made them a success. - A healthcare company’s move from an externally hosted and managed environment to in-house hosted and managed environment. - A semiconductor manufacturer’s need for DR that resulted in a move from Alpha Server ES45s with EVA Storage to a VMWare & NetApp environment. - A pharmaceutical’s spinoff that required duplicating the systems prior to the sale, in a different country. - A consumer goods company’s migration from unsupported VAX/VMS to OpenVMS Alpha – with only half the pieces (and they didn’t figure that out until after they started!)

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