OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Secure file sharing via OpenVMS (SAMBA, NFS & Pathworks)

Track: Security & Compliance

, Systems Administrator, Software Concepts International

As there is an ever-increasing demand to provide interoperability from VMS systems, System managers have deployed various means to share files, or provide a place to store files from other systems. Fortunately, there are many VMS tools to provide this functionality in an effective manner. Unfortunately, much of the default (or "easy") ways to do this could leave your otherwise very secure VMS system in a state that is vulnerable and make your security auditors none too happy! This session will cover the most common means to accomplish this goal, explore the various mechanisms to provide for security within the tools and suggest some best practices. There will also be some time dedicated to looking at various "self audit" techniques and remediation methods for existing deployments. While an intimate knowledge of these tools is not required for this session to be useful, a general awareness of the mechanisms and a good understanding of TCP/IP would be helpful.

Experience Level