OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Using OpenVMS to Build an Agile Computing Base

Track: Cloud

, Principal, Robert Gezelter Software Consultant

OpenVMS has a unique set of technologies that enable the creation of a computing environment that can evolve in-place as any number of elements change: CPUs, architectures, mass storage, networking, applications, and scale. The shared resources model implemented by OpenVMS clusters is one of these foundational technologies. There are many others. In effect, OpenVMS has offered a model for shared computing resources that has many of the positive attributes of “Cloud Computing,” without the uncertainties of the “Cloud.” Capacity can be increased to address a volume surge, and just as quickly reallocated when the surge has passed. Configured properly, this model is effectively a multi-cluster computing pool of resources. This session will discuss the various approaches required to implement this class of capability. This is applicable to environments of all sizes. This agility allows prototypes to be implemented seamlessly on fractional virtual systems to grow seamlessly to multi-Superdome or blade OpenVMS clusters; without any steps that are not completely within the documented, supported facilities of OpenVMS.

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