OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
CHARON Virtualization Strategies and Techniques

Track: Virtualization

, VP VMS System Services, Software Concepts International

Are you running your business critical applications on aging, difficult to support VAX or Alpha hardware? Would you rather run those applications on modern, supportable x86 architecture platforms? Would you like your old VAX and Alpha VMS systems to take full advantage of the modern technologies in your data center including virtualized platforms (VMWare), SAN storage, corporate backup solutions, DR sites and more? It may be easier than you think to do just that! CHARON emulation products have been available for over 15 years and are well known in the industry. What is not so well known is the many benefits beyond just VAX or Alpha hardware replacement that can be realized. Come to this session to learn how to replace those aging VAX or Alpha servers by virtualizing them with the CHARON Cross-Platform Virtualization products and take full advantage of the modern technologies in your data center. This session will include: - Brief overview of the virtualization architecture and functionality - Discussion of newest features in the CHARON product set with a focus on the new Linux utilities. - Virtualizing the host: CHARON on VMware - Integration with a modern data center. - Deployment strategies including server consolidation and virtual OpenVMS clusters - Ease of migration - Disaster tolerance

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