OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Profiting from Using VSI and Stromasys

Track: Virtualization

, Senior Sales Engineer, Stromasys

This session is targeted at those who use, support or consult with users of legacy VAX and Alpha systems. No particular OpenVMS expertise is required. The session's goal is to offer solutions which will keep OpenVMS sites in the OpenVMS camp. This session will deal with solutions for sites who: - have legacy VAX and Alpha systems - are not willing or able to migrate to newer hardware platforms - are growing concerned about the stability of their existing hardware - are considering looking for a completely new solution For these sites no solution really looks attractive due to costs, time to new solutions and risks validating a new solution. This session will offer solutions which minimize risk and offer a win for the customer, for VSI and for HP. This session will also discuss requirements, pitfalls and successes in implementing the suggested solutions.

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