OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Mirroring *dissimilar* database technologies on the fly

Track: Database

, President, Software Concepts International, LLC

What do you do when your application stores your data in a CODASYL database (circa 1960), but your developers speak only SQL, Java, ADO.NET, ORM, etc.? This question is not hypothetical. Several mission-critical OpenVMS applications, including WorkStream™ and MANMAN™ use Oracle CODASYL DBMS to store their data. While DBMS is ideally suited for the high performance OLTP requirements of these applications, DBMS struggles to keep up with the dynamic reporting capabilities inherent in today’s “relational world”. In this session, we will discuss a methodology for transforming any DBMS database into a relational database and then maintaining a “mirror” copy for reporting. Because the mirror is a relational database, it is possible to utilize all benefits of the relational world – ability to add indexes to support new reporting requirements, add triggers to enhance data and/or feed downstream systems, and utilize modern development tools (and staff) for reporting.

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