OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Enhancing OpenVMS security with PointSecure System Detective and PointAudit

Track: Security & Compliance

, Technical Director, XDelta Limited

This session, given on behalf of PointSecure at their request, will describe the capabilities of their System Detective and PointAudit products. These two products provide OpenVMS systems managers with enhanced security control and audit capabilities by building on the existing system mechanisms. The System Detective product is implemented as execlets and intercepts OpenVMS system calls to undertake additional actions as specified in the configuration file. For example, it is possible to log interactive sessions, observe and interact with existing interactive sessions and initiate specific actions whenever an image is run or a file is accessed. The PointAudit product runs on a Windows platform and interacts with the OpenVMS systems to collect and analyse system-wide information to audit a wide range of security and system management topics. The PointSecure products are particularly relevant to industries with stringent security requirements together with high audit and compliance workloads.

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