OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Migration to HP Integrity -i4 servers and beyond

Track: Migration & Porting

, Technical Director, XDelta Limited

Now that OpenVMS is available for the current Poulson based HP Integrity –i4 servers, next generation Kittson based Integrity servers and subsequently “industry standard” servers, users of systems that are currently pushed to their limits or becoming obsolete have a way forward without be forced into a complex, expensive and high risk change of platform. This is especially true for users of large AlphaServers such as the GS1280 or for users of the earlier generations of Integrity Servers. Most migration projects involve an amount of reverse-engineering and analysis to understand the current system behaviour and to identify probable areas of difficulty that will consume resources. This early investigation and analysis phase is crucial to the successful outcome of the project, especially with complex systems in a mission-critical enviroment where the potential for disruption must be minimised. A number of software tools are available to help with platform migration and code conversion, including the Cornerstone G4 toolset. There are a number of important differences between the hardware platforms and server generations, both within the boundary of the system and in how the system interacts with the surrounding network and storage infrastructure. In many cases a large part of the problem is understanding the current systems and preparing them so that the migration can be completed with minimal risk. This session will cover the major issues involved with migration between hardware platforms that run OpenVMS.

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