OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Secure Data Exchange with OPC UA on OpenVMS

Track: Security & Compliance

, Sr. Software Developer, RoviSys

Data security is an enormous challenge. This presentation discusses how OPC UA can be used to secure data exchange between all levels of an organization. OPC is a foreign term to a large section of the OpenVMS community. OPC was originally an acronym for OLE (Object layering and embedding) for Process Control. OPC has traditionally been used in the industrial automation space. With the announcement of OPC UA (Unified Automation), the OPC Foundation dropped the meaning of the acronym. OPC is now just the name of the specification. OPC UA reaches beyond the traditional usage space of OPC extending usage to all levels of an organization. While defining the OPC UA specification, the OPC foundation focused on best in class technologies. Part 2 of the OPC UA specification focuses on security. OPC UA implements standard network protocols including authentication with certification and data encryption. The communication between OPC UA clients and servers is secured by establishing sessions on top of secure channels. Because of the standardized security model, OPC UA allows for easy integration into pre-existing IT and process networks which limits configuration costs. OPC UA communicates through any standard HTTP or UA TCP port. Through this standardization, OPC UA can connect securely over a VPN and through firewalls to allow seamless, remote client-to-server connectivity.

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