OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
OpenVMS: Securing “The Cloud” and “The World”

Track: Cloud

, Grand Wazoo, Heim EnterpriZes

Recently I found myself in a merger situation with our new parent company expressing a desire to move IT infrastructure to “The Cloud”. This started me thinking about the VMS Software Inc roadmap and OpenVMS on the x86-64 Architecture. The thought of OpenVMS being hosted as an instance in a cloud environment intrigued me so I started to investigate. I found some willing compatriots in ProfitBricks and AVT to help me develop a proof of concept for a scenario in which OpenVMS could be hosted in “The Cloud”. Utilizing hardware provisioned from the ProfitBricks infrastructure and the AVT Bare Metal Alpha emulator we got OpenVMS running in “The Cloud”. This session will cover what we did to accomplish the task of running OpenVMS in a cloud infrastructure and what we will need to accomplish for the future of OpenVMS in “The Cloud”. I will focus on the compromises that were made and the possibilities for a future with OpenVMS running on native hardware in “The Cloud”. Attendees need not have any foreknowledge of anything being presented. Just bring a willingness to embrace OpenVMS on the x86-64 architecture and the possibilities that it might bring for the future. Remember, “The Cloud” is just someone else's computer…

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