OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
OpenVMS meets GitHub – an overview of modern source code control systems for OpenVMS

Track: Programming

, Senior Software Engineer, VMS Software

Source code control (also referred to as revision control or version control) on OpenVMS has traditionally been performed using CMS (Code Management System). While CMS is ideal for many software development projects, it is specifically intended for use on the OpenVMS platform and is not particularly amenable to multi-platform projects or to projects that require source code to reside across multiple directories. This includes most Open Source projects, which utilize more modern distributed version control tools, such as Subversion, Mercurial, or Git, and are hosted on sites such as SourceForge and GitHub (which now hosts over 10 million projects). For OpenVMS to properly participate in the Open Source world it is therefore important that these types of version control tools are available (in some capacity) on OpenVMS and that OpenVMS can seamlessly interact with sites such as SourceForge and GitHub. In this talk the speaker will provide an overview of source code control tools that can currently be used on OpenVMS, and will discuss work that is being done to provide tools to facilitate direct interaction between OpenVMS and project hosting sites such as GitHub. Examples of how such tools can be used from OpenVMS will also be presented.

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