OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
MQTT: A protocol for communicating with your things

Track: Other

, Senior Software Engineer, VMS Software
, VMS Support Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Sverige AB

The Internet of Things is difficult to define, but it essentially refers to the ever-growing network of physical devices that have IP connectivity, allowing them to connect to the internet, and the communication that occurs between these devices and other internet-enabled devices and systems. In this talk, the speaker will introduce the Internet of Things and will discuss some of the key technologies associated with the creation of Internet of Things solutions and services. Particular attention will be given to the Message Queuing Telemetry Protocol (MQTT), which is gaining acceptance as the preferred protocol for use in the Internet of Things application space. Currently available implementations of MQTT will be briefly reviewed (including those that can be used on OpenVMS) and case studies illustrating the application of the protocol will be presented. The relative merits and applicability of other protocols such as AMQP, STOMP, and HTTP/REST to certain Internet of Things uses-cases will also be briefly considered. Finally, some examples of how MQTT might be used with OpenVMS to implement secure, fault-tolerant, and scalable Internet of Things solutions will be discussed.

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