2017 General Counsel Conference

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As the role of the General Counsel continues to evolve - What's keeping you up at night?

Are you focused on:

• DOING MORE WITH LESS: Leading a more complex department with broader responsibility is causing workload and demands on the in-house team to escalate, while budgets continue to tighten. Do you have the right tools to implement a winning strategy?

• BUSINESS PARTNER STRATEGY: To truly affect change in the organization, the entire law department must be aligned towards a more stakeholder-drive, business-oriented organization. How are you aligning your departmental goals with the goals of your organization?

: As complexity throughout the value chain increases, more opportunities exist for employee missteps that can cause massive, public and long term damage (i.e. data breaches, social media miscues, consumer harm). Do you have the right policies in place to protect your organization?

: As organizations push forward digital footprints, the corporate law department is being required to automate more. As more legal work is shifting in-house - but not necessarily with bigger budgets - how will you keep up with changing legal technology trends?

• REGULATORY CLIMATE: Keeping pace with regulatory changes is a moving target that needs constant attention to avoid becoming subject of a government investigation or enforcement penalty. Where can you go to keep updated on these regulatory changes?

• CYBER RISK: Massive data breaches and carelessness with data are estimated to cost billions of dollars a year in actual damages and adverse effects to the brand. Do you have a solid plan to prevent and/or mitigate your organization's risk?

If these issues and how to solve them are keeping you and your in-house team up at night, mark your calendar for the 29th Annual General Counsel Conference taking place on September 26-27, 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis featuring the Global GC Forum. We’ve carefully crafted this agenda around your top challenges and will provide actionable strategies to deliver on departmental and company-wide goals. Register today and join your colleagues for two days of networking, education, and strategy designed to help you reach and exceed your goals!
Highlights from General Counsel Conference:

What immediate "take-aways" can you benefit from?:

Expand Your Network: The attendee mix includes senior in-house leaders, forward-looking law firms, innovative service providers and regulatory perspectives – ensuring you meet those that can network with your peers and learn from their experiences. Click here to get a glimpse of past General Counsel Conference attendees.

The Global Perspective: Take advantage of the ability to get both domestic and global content with the addition of the Global GC Forum focused on International Issues and M&A by region.

Holistic & Implementable Business Strategy: Figure out how to meet the expectations of stakeholders with growing expectations - the C-suite, Board, in-house team, shareholders, customers and regulators. Gain strategies for dealing with increasing complexity, ambiguity, volatility and uncertainty in markets, political shifts, lawmaking attitudes and regulatory enforcement

Tailored Networking Events: Interact with experts in carefully designed roundtable discussions and speaker meet & greets.

Substantive Legal Education - Tailored to Address Your Needs: Content focused on the largest issues affecting your department today: leadership/effectiveness, crisis management, cyber security/privacy, regulatory/enforcement trends, complex litigation, IP, risk mitigation/compliance, and legal ops/technology implementation and much more!