15th Annual Energy/Facilities Connections Conference

Hot Shop – Hands-on training with demonstrations of useful, cutting-edge energy and facilities technologies.

Interested in new, cutting-edge technology, but can’t stomach the sales pitches? Hot Shop is an innovative approach to exposing EFC attendees to such tech without having to deal with a high-pressure sales situation. Think speed dating with a facilities technology twist, where small groups visit a series of tables where new tech is being showcased. The instructor at each table will present the quick (we’re talking five to six minutes) Who, What, When, Why and How on the item(s) before you are cued to move on to the next table for the brief spiel on the next set of energy/facilities tech. After each group has visited every table, Hot Shop becomes Hot Shop Reconnections, where a sponsored food-and-beverages event encourages you to revisit the instructors/tables you found most relevant. This is just one of the ways EFC 2016 caters to your training needs.

For more information on Hot Shop, or anything else about the event, email plantops@energy.wsu.edu.

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