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Each year thousands of people attend DEMO conferences around the world to discover innovation at its birth. At each DEMO event a hand- selected class of new products are introduced for the first time. These are real products solving big problems, not vaporware. These are the products that will change the world, and they are not easy to find.

Technologies from cloud computing, mobile, and big data to sensor networks, 3D printing, and robotics launched from the DEMO stage last week to a standing room only crowd of international press, IT executives and investors. Check out the companies and products from the DEMO Enterprise class of 2014.

In addition to our trademark collection of new product launches, we will also highlighted enterprise products gaining significant traction in the market, as well as a first glimpse at startling product prototypes still under development.

Watch Videos and More from these DEMO Enterprise Highlights
  • DEMO Product Launches: 6 product launch categories devoted to solving big problems
  • DEMO Deep Dive: A deeper look at a new technology giving rise to new industries.
  • DEMO Labs: Technologies from the labs/still in research
  • DEMO Brainstorm: Serial entrepreneurs design a product onstage
  • DEMO Watch: Up-and coming products, people and startup
  • DEMO Founders School: Talks focused on building new products and businesses from those who have done it before