Open Source Business Conference 2011
Post Con

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beyond $1B: The Open Source Opportunity
Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat

The Future of Open Source (in the Cloud)
Michael Skok, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners
Tom Erickson, CEO, Acquia
Adrian Kunzle, Managing Director, Head of Firmwide Engineering & Architecture, JPMorgan Chase
Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera
Jim Whitehurst, President & CEO, Red Hat

Building Bridges: Driving Transformational Architecture for the Cloud through Greater Vendor Collaboration
Sandy Gupta, GM, Open Source Solutions Group, Microsoft

Big Data
Big Cloud
Big Legal
Big Innovation
Gold in the New Data Stack

Jason Maynard
Managing Director & Senior Technology Analyst,
Wells Fargo

Amr Awadallah, Co-founder & VP of Engineering, Cloudera
David Champagne,
CTO, Revolution Analytics
Emil Eifrem,
CEO, Neo Technology
James Phillips,
Co-founder & SVP of Products, Couchbase
Karl van Den Bergh,
VP of Product Strategy, Jaspersoft

Why You Need an Open Cloud Platform to Build a SaaS

Miko Matsumara,
VP of Products, Kii Corporation
Larry Augustin,
Simon Phipps,
Director, Open Source Initiatives & CSO, ForgeRock
Mark Radcliffe,
Partner, DLA Piper
Sanjiva Weerawarana, CEO, WS02
Prasad Yendluri,
VP, Deputy CTO, Software AG

Mobile Apps and Open Source Compliance: Corporate and Community Perspectives

Kim Weins,
Senior VP Marketing, OpenLogic

Karen Copenhaver, Partner, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP
Jilayne Lovejoy,
Corporate Counsel, OpenLogic
Esteban Rockett,
Senior Counsel, Motorola Mobility

Leading Open Source Innovation with Java, Linux and MySQL

Monica Kumar,
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Oracle

Picking Winners and Losers in the Big Data Market

Mike Driscoll,
CTO, Metamarkets

Open Source Built the Web: Now It's Helping to Build the Cloud


Satish Dharmaraj,

General Partner, Redpoint Ventures

Randy Bias,
CEO, Cloudscaling
Michael Crandell,
CEO, RightScale
Sheng Liang,
Alex Polvi,
Cloudkick Founder and Rackspace Director of Bay Area Operations, Rackspace Hosting
Jesse Robbins, Co-founder & CEO, Opscode

Patent Strategy for Open Source Companies

Robert Blasi,
Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

Harmony from Chaos: Understanding Project Harmony

Amanda Brock,
General Counsel, Canonical
Simon Phipps,
Director, Open Source Initiative & CSO, ForgeRock

No SQL, New SQL and Beyond: Open Source Driving Innovation in Distributed Data Management

Matt Aslett,
Senior Analyst, The 451 Group

Management of the Cloud: Who Wins?

Rich Wolski,
CTO, Eucalyptus Systems
Stephen O'Grady,
Analyst, RedMonk
Michael Enescu,
Head of Open Source Initiatives, Cisco Systems
Luke Kanies,
CEO, Puppet Labs
Bill Karpovich,
CEO, Zenoss
Sheng Liang,
Will Cloud Rain on Open Source?

Tim Yeaton,
President & CEO Black Duck Software
Rob Bearden,
Venture Partner, Benchmark Capital
Mark Driver,
VP & Research Director, Gartner Group
Sam Ramji,
VP, Strategy, Apigee
Claus von Riegen,
Program Director, Technology Strategy Group, SAP AG

The Fabric of Computing

Jim Zemlin,
Executive Director, Linux Foundation
Innovating at Scale: A Converged Infrastructure for Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Connectivity

Linda Knippers,
Distinguished Technologist for Linux, HP
Vin Sharma,
Open Source & Linux Business Strategy, HP
Phil Robb,
Director, Open Source Program Office, HP

Why Private Clouds are Likely to be Open Source

Rich Wolski,
CTO, Eucalyptus Systems

Open Source in M&A: The Acquirer's Perspective

Stephen Gillespie,
Partner, Fenwick & West LLP
Jeff Luszcz,
Founder & VP, Professional Services, Palamida
Mario Madden,
Sr Attorney - OSS Legal Group, Microsoft
Alan Stern,
Senior Corporate Counsel, Investments, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures, Cisco Systems

Creating Value to Drive Open-Source Adoption: Security Examples related to Big Data, Big Cloud and Big Legal

Admir Abdurahmanovic,
VP & Co-founder, PrimeKey Solutions AB

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
The Person Who Knows the Most Wins: How Data is Changing the Nature of Business
Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera


Open Source + Big Data = Big Money?
Stephen O'Grady
, Analyst RedMonk


Big Data
Big Cloud
Big Legal
Big Innovation

Show Me the Money: Revenue Opportunities in Cloud Computing

Zack Urlocker,
COO, ZenDesk
Lars Leckie,
Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
Marten Mikos,
CEO, Eucalyptus Systems
Matt Pfeil,
CEO, DataStax
Roman Stanek,
CEO, GoodData
Robin Vasan,
General Partner, Mayfield Fund

Open Virtualization

Jean Staten Healy, Director WW Linux, IBM
Alan Clark,
Executive Director, Open Standards and Initiatives, SUSE
Scott Crenshaw,
VP, Cloud Business Unit, Red Hat
Stephen O'Grady, Analyst, RedMonk
Mike Richmond, Technology Planning Director, Open Source Technology, Intel
Jim Wasko,
Director, Linux Technology Center, IBM

Managing the Use of Open Source Software in a Hybrid Environment

Mark Radcliffe,

Partner, DLA Piper LLP

Operationalizing an Open Source Business

Rob Bearden,
Venture Partner, Benchmark Capital
Peter Fenton,
General Partner, Benchmark Capital
Big Inbox.  Big Data.  Big Problems?

Utpal Thakrar,
Principal Product Manager, Openwave Systems

Developer Trends and the Cloud

Jeffrey Hammond, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Open Source and Software Patents: A Community Call to Ensure Future Freedom of Action
Keith Bergelt,
CEO, Open Invention Network LLC
Big Innovations in  Open Source Communications

Danny Windham,
CEO, Digium

Big Data, Complex Data: Managing Data and Complexity in Graph Databases
Peter Neubauer,
Co-founder and VP, Products, Neo Technology
Magnus Christerson,
Chairman of the Board, Neo Technology

I'm a Small Business, Is the Cloud for Me?

Adam Hansen
, Small Business Advocate, Rackspace Hosting


Data in the Cloud: Why Open Source Governance is Critical for Securing Your Data

Karna Nisewaner, Senior Corporate Consel, Cadence Design Systems
Mike Seilnacht,
Open Source Program Office, Intuit

Supercharging Growth in the Open Source Business Model

David Skok
, General Partner, Matrix Partners

Big Data + Collaboration + Open Source = Big Innovation

Luke Lonergan
, Co-founder Greenplum & CTO, EMC Data Computing Division

A New OSI for a New Decade: Rebooting the Open Source Initiatve

Jim Jagielski, President, Apache Software Foundation
Simon Phipps, Director, Open Source Initiative & CSO, ForgeRock
Mark Radcliffe, Partner, DLA Piper


Monetary Damages for Open Source Violations: A Practical Framework

Vladimir Khodosh, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Jeffrey S. Norman, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

DataStax' Brisk - Celebrity Open-Source Super Couple.  Hadoop powered by Cassandra

Ben Werther, VP of Products, DataStax

NoSQL Solutions to Big Data in the Enterprise

Roger Bodamer, SVP, Products and Engineering, 10gen

Why Cloud Providers Need Supercomputing: Big Data and Big I/O

Brent Gorda,
CEO, Whamcloud
Luke Kanies,
CEO, Puppet Labs

Addison Snell,
CEO, Intersect360 Research
Rich Wolski,
CTO, Eucalyptus Systems

Open Source and IP Management: The Rise of the Foundation

Heather Meeker,
Counsel, Outercurve Foundation
Janet Campbell,
IP Director, Eclipse Foundation

Jim Jagielski,
President, Apache Software Foundation
Stephen Walli,
Technical Director, Outercurve Foundation
Jim Zemlin,
Executive Director, Linux Foundation
Lessons Learned: Initiating and Coordinating Tech Projects Across Disparate Organizations

Patrick Schmitz,
Semantic Services Architect, UC Berkeley