Open Source Business Conference 2011
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New Highlights

For the 2011 OSBC, the agenda was built around four main areas: Big Data, Big Cloud, Big Legal Problems and Big Money. In today’s continuing tough economy, open source has led the way well beyond cost-cutting by being a cost-effective vehicle boosting productivity while increasing innovation. But there are issues to grapple with. How can companies appropriately apply the lessons learned? Where and what are the newest opportunities? How to navigate the thorny legal landscape?

Sessions covered such pressing topics as:

  • The winning strategies for building applications and services using open source software
  • Building your Big Data staff: how to spot and recruit talent in a still nascent market
  • Legal updates: how to traverse the sometimes confusing legal view as open source shifts to customer-facing Web services
  • Following the money – the economics of software development versus those of data, and how they relate to open source
Topics Included:     Sessions Included:
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Topics will probe open source usage in:
- Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing/Data Analytics
- Infrastructure
- Data Storage
- Cloud/Virtualization


• Open source and strategies for driving data-driven businesses

• How enterprise software infrastructure can support the consumerization of IT

• How open source is influencing the economic impact on customers in terms of storage, pricing and query time
• How open source is driving tomorrow’s technologies by providing infrastructure for Cloud, Big Data and more

• Open source as competitive advantage



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333 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California