Demonstrator Testimonials

 “DEMO was our coming out party, really, and it was a fantastic experience for us. The reception from the press, customer and VC’s really validated all the long hours we’ve put in to building a great product.”
—Bjorn Stromsness, Director of Business Development, Whodini, Inc.

“I am still riding my DEMO high from winning, but I think I would have written this anyway. From preparation to the actual presentation, the DEMO team was awesome, engaged, and always willing to help. The energy at the conference is awesome. You will meet exceptional contacts from all over the world who you would have never come in contact with before. If you invest the time and effort into DEMO, you will have a great launch.”
—Matt Warta, Co Founder and CEO, GutCheck

“We were thrilled to participate in the Alpha Pitch program at DEMO Fall 2010. Since the conference, there has been a whirlwind of opportunities and events, a lot of doors have opened for us. Thanks DEMO!”
—Dan Lundmark, CTO/Co-founder, Appr.TV

“My startup went into the DEMO Fall 2011 Conference honored just to share our vision with such a large audience, and came out of it completely blown away when we received a DEMOgod award for our product LUMOback. Thank you DEMO for your recognition and support!”
—Monisha Perkash, Co-founder/CEO, ZERO2ONE

“Thanks DEMO event and DEMO team for the great opportunity for me and many other international teams to launch our products on the major world innovation launch platform.”
—Sergiy Fedorov, ICaR Systems

“DEMO was a transformational experience for our company. After winning the DEMOgod award, we received tremendous business traction, and the caliber of individuals who interfaced with us at DEMO was phenomenal. Having been to many conferences, we can truly say that the networking with decision makers at DEMO is in a league of its own.”
—Guy Benartzi, CEO, Particle Code

“DEMO was a fantastic experience and the best conference I have ever attended. Perfectly organized, great friendly vibe amongst all of the demonstrators, great networking. We are extremely pleased with the amount of press coverage and investor interest that followed the presentation. And, we are extremely humbled and honored to have won a DEMOgod award. People who know of DEMO keep on congratulating us on it. I would highly recommend participating to the conference!”
—Raffaella Camera, VP of Strategy & Client Services, Zugara

“DEMO was an amazing experience as a young entrepreneur. It has given me a strong networking base and opened my eyes to real innovation.”
—Nav Nathoo, Founder, LiveAdvisors

“DEMO is an incredible opportunity to learn about the most innovative companies and trends in the technology world. You’re guaranteed to meet amazing people are striving to make a huge impact!”
—Alex Baker, Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer, LifeLibrary

“DEMO was the perfect place to launch our business and gain great exposure from different media. I would highly recommend anyone with a new business considering DEMO as your launch pad.”
—Mathew Myers, co-founder,

“The DEMO experience was simply awesome for us. If you’re a B2B company, I believe this is the best launch venue for your product. Other similar conferences are better suited for consumer technology plays, but DEMO is the way to go if your target customers are businesses.”
—Bernard Moon, Co-founder & CEO, Vidquik

“DEMO has been a stellar platform for launching our brand. I have been in high tech PR for 25 years and would highly recommend DEMO to any startup considering building their buzz and credibility - plus, it was big fun.”
—Brenda Christensen, Director of PR, Nimble

“When you’re boot-strapping a start up, the DEMO event lets you function like a billion dollar organization: the media, the quality of visitors, the investment opportunities. You just can’t get that on your own as a small organization,”
—Paul Miller, CEO, mSIGNIA