Violence Prevention Conference

Violence Prevention - It's Everybody's Business Conference is intended to reach a broad and diverse group of people from both regional and metropolitan centres to:

·        be a catalyst for action to eliminate violence against women, and

·        raise awareness of violence prevention approaches  

A rich and diverse range of speakers will explore what violence against women looks like in our communities; what primary prevention of violence is; and how violence prevention is everybody's business. Preventing violence against women (or family violence) is the responsibility of the whole community and requires a shared understanding of effective ways of influencing change.

Speakers will address:

  • What we need to understand about the nature of violence against women.
  • Why preventing violence against women is everybody's business.
  • What is primary prevention? What approaches and strategies have an impact?
  • Role of men in preventing violence.
  • What workplaces and other settings, such as sport, arts, church, local governments and schools can do to build violence preventing cultures, norms and systems.
  • The role of media and the use of social media.
  • How gender equity can be addressed in a number of different settings.

We will also hear personal stories to help remind us of the impact of violence and what people affected by violence are doing to prevent violence to others.

Prevention of Violence is Everybody's Business.