II-VI 2023 Exhibit and Partnerships
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5N Plus
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Leonardo DRS
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Microphysics Lab, University of Illinois Chicago
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SAAZSAAZ is a Deep-Tech company solving hard physical problems in the imaging field to develop world’s most advanced image sensors and cameras for satellites, drones and terrestrial use. The company has world renowned scientists and engineers working on multi-disciplinary technologies required to develop the most advanced imaging solutions. These cameras detect visible light down to single photons and make the invisible ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation visible. SAAZ’s clients include organizations pushing the scientific frontiers, including NASA, various US defense agencies including DARPA, US aerospace industry, international space agencies, and private space and tech industry.
Sivananthan Laboratories, Inc.
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Teledyne Imaging SensorTeledyne Imaging Sensors is a leader in high performance imaging systems for military, space, astronomy, and commercial applications. Our products include infrared (IR) & visible sensors, Read-Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs), IR scientific and tactical cameras, camera electronics embedded with advanced algorithms, optical lenses, optomechanical assemblies, and laser eye and sensor protection devices & filters.