24th Annual New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Conference



What comes with my booth?

Each 8’ deep x 10’  wide indoor booth will be set with 8’ high back drape, 36” high side drape and an identification sign. The following items come with your booth: 6’ draped table, two chairs, wastebasket and surrounded by carpet only. Electric, phone / internet lines do NOT come with your booth and you will need to order them separately from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino; information on ordering will be in the Exhibitor Kit.


There are a limited number of oversize indoor booths for you to display vehicles, tents, etc. Oversize booths are 20'x30'. No electric is provided, you are not able to run vehicles during the show, vehicles will need to be moved in prior to the exhibit hall set up and will be the last items to leave the exhibit hall. Prior to the show, a member of the Exhibit Hall Team will reach out to you to coordinate the move in/set-up of your vehicles, equipment, tents, etc. into the indoor exhibit space.


Will my booth/display/vehicle be secure in the Exhibit Hall?


The security of our exhibit hall is important to us. When not occupied, the conference exhibit hall is secured by physical locks and/or staffed with security/conference management.  Direct any questions or concerns about exhibit hall security to our Exhibit Hall Team.

How can I pay for my exhibit space/sponsorship?

You can pay by check, Visa or MasterCard. American Express is not currently accepted for payment. The applicable instructions are located on the Exhibitor/Sponsor Registration form on-line at the time you register. An invoice will be generated when you complete your registration. If you need assistance in making your payment, please email our Exhibit Hall Team. 


Exhibitor/Sponsor Refund Policy?

As a non-profit educational organization NJEPA relies on its sponsors and exhibitors to help fund low cost training opportunities for first responders and emergency managers.  This is our sole source of income.  For this reason, exhibitor and sponsor refunds will only be issued within twenty-four (24) hours of payment being received.  However, in fairness to our private partners, NJEPA will allow substitution of sponsor and exhibitor space; meaning, we ask our sponsors and exhibitors to allocate your space to another appropriate organization or agency if you are unfortunately unable to attend the conference after you have paid for space.


How do I order the items needed for my booth?


The Exhibitor Services Package includes all of the forms necessary to complete orders for any additional items. The Exhibitor Service Package will also include checklists with due dates, shipping information, labor forms and anything else that you might need to get your booth up and operational. You can CLICK HERE to view the Exhibitor Services Package.


Do I have to use the Convention Services company?

Yes, unless you are able to transport your materials and exhibit supplies without assistance from the bellmen or other hotel staff. Please respect the staff and guests of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and comply with this request. Instructions will be provided for self-load in with your Exhibitor Kit.

I didn’t get one of my booth selections or I don’t like where my booth location is…can I move?


Once you register you will receive instructions to log into our Booth Management site. This is where you will pick your booth from those that are available to you. If for some reason you would like your booth moved, we maintain a booth move list. Submit your request to the Exhibit Hall Team. This list is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. As we have openings that fit your booth requirements, we’ll notify you and give you the first right of refusal on the space.


How do I make hotel reservations?


Make your reservations directly with Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Hard Rock offers a special conference rate, so check the Hotel FAQ page for the most up-to-date information. Try to make your reservations no later than early March – requests received after that date will be accepted on a space available basis only.


What if I would like meeting space or a hospitality suite?


If you are a sponsor or exhibitor at the conference, and wish to reserve meeting space or a hospitality suite, contact the Conference Management Team and they will assist you in setting it up.


When and how do I register my staff or booth personnel?


Only the person who registers the company for an exhibit or sponsorship can add the attendees for your company.  Once you register each person, including their email address, the individual will receive an email confirmation and be able to log in, select courses, and sign up for the luncheon.  


How many registrations come with my booth?

The number of registrations vary based on the Sponsorship Level you have selected. Please review the Sponsorship Opportunities to see the numbers available for each level.


How can I invite my customers to the show?


Your customers can visit the conference web site and register on their own or you can pay for them to attend by Registering them as an Attendee and making the appropriate payment arrangements. You will also be provided a pre-conference mailing list to send invitations to all those registered if you like.


Do I need to register set-up and dismantle personnel?

No, we will give them a temporary sticker for admission into the exhibit hall during set-up and move-out. They will not be able to stay for the duration of the exhibit hall operation and will not be allowed admission to the training/breakout sessions. 


What if our booth requires more time to set up than the schedule provides?

Plan ahead. Please notify the Convention Services company in advance so we can try to make arrangements for you. In cases like this, our Exhibit Hall Team will attempt to get your display in as early as possible. Click here to email them.


Can I tear-down my booth early?

No, each booth must remain staffed and completely intact until 2:30 PM on Thursday. Please schedule your staff’s travel arrangements so at least one person will be available to dismantle your display at the appropriate time. If you are planning to use Bell Services to move material for you, they will not be available until after 2:30 PM.


What other opportunities are there to market my organization?

Sponsorship opportunities are available! Your company will spend several days face-to-face with your target audience, and by participating in a sponsorship you can maximize your exposure at the biggest event of the year! Other opportunities are also available – you can place an ad in the full color conference program or include your promotional materials with the materials that each conference attendee will receive upon registration.Click here to view or other Sponsorship Opportunities.


When will I receive important information regarding the show?

NJEPA will maintain contact with you from the time you register until after you move out of the conference venue. If you have questions or need information, please feel free to email the Exhibit Hall Team. The current schedule can be found on our Sponsorship Opportunities page.


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