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January 18, 19, and 20 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm CST each day Zoom Meeting

January Stage Series

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What is Stage Series?


Stage Series is a new bi-monthly offering exclusively for women-owned businesses.
Each series consists of three virtual events that include small group networking, a
presentation, and a workshop. For each series, there is an overarching business topic.
For each event, the presentation sub-topic differs based on the business stage targeted:
Start Up (under 3 years), Emerging (3 – 5 years), or Sustaining (5+ years).

Each stage will meet 6 times in 2022, January through November, typically on the
third week of alternating months, with the Start Up session on Tuesday, the Emerging
session on Wednesday, and the Sustaining session on Thursday. While each event has an
intentional target stage, you are welcome to sign up for any and all topics you feel are
relevant to your business.

Open exclusively to women-owned businesses, this is a safe space to bring your questions
about a particular topic and specific scenarios you’re experiencing in your business for which
you want resolution.

Questions? Contact WBCS Senior Director of Programs, Elizabeth Garner.

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Overarching Topic: Sales

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Each session is from 10:30am - 12:00pm CST.
10:30 - 11:00 ... Small Group Networking
11:00 - 11:30 ... Presentation
11:30 - 12:00 ... Workshop

Start Up Stage Session

Date: Tuesday, January 18
Speaker: Nikkie Achartz, SNAP Savvy Strategies
Topic: Pump Up Profits and Pricing with Clarity and ConfidenceHow to Build a Profitable Service Based Business that Will Have you Working Smarter not Harder!

Are you struggling to move prospects from “I’m interested” to actual income? Are you playing a guessing game on what to charge, and you’re stuck writing custom proposals that just don’t close?

If you answered YES to either or both questions, then ​​get ready to find the gaps, fix the leaks and fill your pipeline, so you can move out of running lean and into optimal growth!

In this highly engaging, content rich, edu-taining workshop, we'll be covering how to:

  • identify where your business may be constricting or falling short on opportunities for increasing cash flow
  • develop a sales funnel and sales process that smoothly moves prospects from interest to top dollar income by offering the prospect the right fit at the right price
  • adjust pricing and service offerings to ensure they meet both the needs of your prospects and your profit margins

Emerging Stage Session
Date: Wednesday, January 19
Speaker: Caprice Byrd, Net Legacy Consulting
Topic: Building a Sales Structure for Superior Results

In this discussion, we will review the four key components of a sales infrastructure.

  1. Sales Strategy
    • includes industry positioning, competitors, and value proposition
  2. Sales Methodology
    • includes territories, coverage, processes, and CRM
  3. Sales Organization
    • includes staffing, hiring, training, and roles and responsibilities
  4. Sales Analysis
    • includes goals, quotas, metrics, reporting, and compensation and incentives
After dissecting the components, you'll be able to identify exactly what key areas need to be refined for your business.

Sustaining Stage Session

Date: Thursday, January 20
Speaker: Debbie Mrazek, The Sales Company
Topic: Sales Forecast: Create a Map to Get You to Where You Want to Go

Normally, when you plan an exciting road trip to go somewhere that you have dreamed about, you map out the journey and look for fun things to do along the way, great places to stay, etc... Do you approach your business with the same excitement and preparation?

Do you want to get to that sales goal you dream about? Then, why haven't you created a sales forecast to help you plan on how you are going to get there?

Please join us to learn:

  • why you want to have a sales forecast
  • how to create a sales forecast
  • how to manage a sales forecast day to day

Bring your questions and stories to share about what you have tried and what worked or didn't work as well as you hoped.

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Nikkie Achartz
SNAP Savvy Strategies

Nikkie Achartz, CEO of SNAP Savvy Strategies, is a well-known Pricing & Profitability Consultant, transformational speaker and workshop facilitator who has extensive experience in sales psychology, trauma informed business growth strategies, and image based branding.

Infusing her educational background in psychology and behavioral profiling, Nikkie advises and consults with purpose-driven entrepreneurs in operating their businesses through the lens of a CEO to grow, scale and profit in business. As a highly respected and sought after strategic business consultant, Nikkie firmly guides driven, yet struggling, entrepreneurs in stepping into their power as BOSS and turning their passion into a profitable, manageable, scalable, successful business.

Whether speaking from the stage, facilitating interactive workshops, or consulting one-on-one, Nikkie’s influential leadership style combined with her exuberant mince-no-words approach motivates her clients to step confidently into their role as a Savvy BOSS in business.

Caprice Byrd
Net Legacy Consulting

Net Legacy Consulting, LLC was founded after a successful career as a VP of Sales for Fortune 500 companies. Spanning over 25 years in sales, Caprice Byrd gradually rose through the ranks; as an individual contributor, Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager to VP of Sales. This 25-year journey has yielded her a considerable amount of experience and knowledge in every aspect of sales. While she was blessed and thankful for these opportunities and enjoyed her time in big corporate America, it did however; reach the point where the high travel demands no longer suited her. SHe decided to take some time to re-examine, what's important to her "why it's important to me" and "who is important to me".

Upon completion of the examination, she decided to stop focusing on growing corporate dynasties and focus on building her legacy and helping small businesses to mid-size businesses do the same. Her firm specializes in helping small to mid-size business owners develop a sales strategy, build a sales process, create and execute a plan, close the sales leadership gap and ultimately grow their revenues. She leverages the power of Sales Xceleration’s proven sales growth and sales management systems.

Debbie Mrazek
The Sales Company

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get a “thrill” from helping someone. Helping others is a way of life for me.

After enjoying so much success in the technology industry back in the “good ol’ days” of selling for many different manufacturing companies, I felt like I had earned a PhD in sales. My “helping” grew from selling for different companies to consulting with companies about how they could sell better, smarter and make more doing what they were already doing.

Early on, I realized that my view of sales was very different than other consultants’ view of sales. I asked lots of questions about everything from hiring the right people to how the company was doing overall financially. The end result often took us away from sales consulting and moved the company toward the real problems that were affecting sales.

Today, my dream of The Sales Company is alive and well as a solopreneur consultant. That was—and still is—a great way for me to personally work with the individuals and companies who want to work personally with me. However, I always knew what I really wanted.

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This event is open to women-owned businesses.

The last day to register for any session in January is Monday, January 17.

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Each sponsorship level includes event admissions and branding. Contact Lindsay Pittard at lpittard@wbcsouthwest.org to secure a sponsorship. Review options in our 2022 sponsorship catalog



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Bullseye Database Marketing LLCDallasJudd
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First Equipment CompanyLeslieGarner
First Equipment CompanyKaityMoore
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Improve GrowthBrisaRenteria
Inclusive Market Research GroupBrandaleMills Cox
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JUNK KINGReneeFerguson
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Meltar Construction SupplyTaraKramer
Mezquite InstallationsMicaelaFlores
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Net Legacy ConsultingCapriceByrd
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Pangea BiologicalCamilleSparks
Personalized PayrollKathleenHunt
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Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.JasonCox
Ricochet Fuel Distributors, Inc.JDHolland
Risch Results, LLCAndreaAnderson
Risch Results, LLCAlexisDowell
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SNAP Savvy StrategiesNikkieAchartz
Springbach Consulting LLCShelleyStaten
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TBK OneSusanAnderson
The Benefit BoutiqueDarisFrencha
The Reed Media, LLCBridgetteReed
The Software VaultJamitaMachen
Therapeutic FocusLaTeashaGaither-Davis
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Watch Me EXCELLenetraKing
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