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Protecting your wealth

What are your estate planning goals? Have you spoken to your family about your plans?

Date: Thursday, 26th August  
Time: 12pm - 12.45pm   

Topics covered: 

  • Estate planning
  • Ownership structures and inheritance
  • Your family tree & vulnerable beneficiaries


Ensuring your money and assets go to your loved ones as you want them to, and at the right time, is an important part of your overall financial plan. Estate planning also considers who you want empowered to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf should you be incapacitated.

After an initial expert discussion between Jon and Jenneke, we will guide you through section three of our essential workbook so you can outline your intensions and how to take the next steps in organising your affairs.

In preparation for your session – Please download our essential workbook ‘How to plan your finances in a changing world’ from this link

Speakers: Jenneke Mills – Manager Adviser Technical Support

                 Jon de Fries – Senior Consultant, Succession Advice