FT/IFC Investing in Climate Business Forum

Climate change is transforming the global economy. It is one of the biggest challenges facing governments, businesses and those working in development. While public policy changes are important, the private sector will play a critical role in tackling and adapting to climate change; UNFCC estimates that 80% of the investment needed to address climate change will come from the private sector. This creates opportunity for companies providing climate change solutions and for investors funding the climate business sector.

The FT/IFC Investing in Climate Business Forum focused on the opportunities for climate business related investment in emerging Europe and Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA). Bringing together high level participants from investment, politics, business and development, it explored the needs of the region and identified opportunities for investment and growth.

The Forum helped investors to identify opportunities in green energy, clean technology and water, and in countries and sub-regions within EMENA. Seasoned investors and experts shared insights and lessons learned, and policy-makers explained how they are creating the right regulatory environment for sustainable business and investment.

Keynote Speaker (via video)
Jim Yong Kim, President, World Bank Group

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Climate-Smart Business: Investment Potential in EMENA

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