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Wednesday,  2/26 11:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m
Thursday, 2/27 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Friday, 2/28 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
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[twelve:thirty] mediaThumbnail550[twelve:thirty]media exists to help churches all around the world Transform their Worship Experiences through Worship Media, Custom Media and Production Training.
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Aberdeen Broadcast ServicesThumbnail507Our core focus is serving the broadcast community where the combination of captioning and file delivery provides a much needed last-logistical link between the producer and the broadcast outlet. Our live captioning services also help churches, government agencies, schools and corporations with accessibility.
Advantage BooksThumbnail207Advantage Books is a Christian owned and operated royalty-based publishing company since 2001. We utilize the latest publishing technologies to create paperbacks, hardcovers, Apps, and eBooks that are available anywhere books are sold. Current Print distribution: The United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Russia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. eBook distribution in 51 countries around the world. We specialize in publishing Pastors and Christian leaders in all publishing categories.
AE Global MediaThumbnail133AE Global Media is a world leader in audio, video, acoustic and lighting technology applications. We design and build technology systems for major facilities such as churches, entertainment, education and sporting venues. We also design, develop and produce events including concerts.
Amazing Facts International Media MinistryThumbnail228Amazing Facts International is a multimedia ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. Through television, radio, websites, publishing, live evangelistic and revival events, Bible schools, and more, Amazing Facts has been reaching the farthest reaches of the globe with life-transforming Bible truth—teaching people about Jesus. Amazing Facts is based in the Sacramento, Calif. area, and can be seen on TBN, Daystar, Lifetime, and many other networks.
American Amplifier Technologies, LLCThumbnail746American Amplifier Technologies provides a variety of services and products. We pride ourselves on providing quality products that are designed to operate with many years of superb performance. Our large inventory of broadcast products and professional staff allows us to fulfill the needs of the FM, TV, and AM broadcast communities.
American Family AssociationThumbnail213The mission of the American Family Association is to inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture, and give aid to the church here and abroad in its task of fulfilling the Great Commission.
American Heritage GirlsThumbnail206American Heritage Girls (AHG) is the premier national character development organization for girls ages 5 to 18 that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement. Founded in 1995, American Heritage Girls fulfills its mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community, and country through a balanced and transformational program that includes leadership, badge work, service, and outdoor adventure.
American TeleCenters, Inc.Thumbnail246
AMS Agency646The AMS Agency is a distributor for television and radio ministries. Visit booth 646 for information on Breath of Life, Faith For Today, It Is Written, Jesus 101, Lifestyle Magazine and LifeTalk Radio.
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B&H B2BThumbnail725B&H B2B offers money savings and easy purchasing options for House of Worship clients on our full line of technology products including photo, video, audio, surveillance, computers, peripherals, projectors and other audio/visual equipment. We sell the products you need with the advice to help you succeed.
Baker PublishingThumbnail612Baker Publishing Group publishes high-quality writings that represent historic Christianity and serve the diverse interests and concerns of evangelical readers.
Big Bison ExcursionsThumbnail128Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip or a journey around the world, we facilitate solutions for your needs so that you can push forward knowing that your trip will exceed your expectations. As your partner, our team supports your adventure to provide you with a seamless experience that really shows you that even the most ambitious ideas are within reach.
Blessings Through ActionThumbnail546Blessings Through Action seeks to unite all American Christians together so that we may speak clearly and show through our actions that this nation is truly one nation, under God.
Bloom in the DarkThumbnail707Bloom In The Dark produces television and published content to raise awareness about the damage caused by secret pain and abuse, and demonstrate the hope and healing found in Christ Jesus.
Brio TVThumbnail441Briotv is a OTT platform bringing TRUTH filled NEWS, programming, entertainment, faith based programming on a worldwide platform. Briotv is combining the development of cutting edge technology to supersede shadow banning, blocking and banning of our FREEDOMS in health, American values and FAITH based truths.
Broadcast DepotThumbnail613Broadcast Depot has been in the Radio, TV, Satellite, OTT, IP and podcasting industry for over 20 years. We span both of the Americas and take pride in finding solutions and having the best deals for our loyal clientbase. We would love to go to work for you.
Broadcast Software InternationalThumbnail232Thousands of broadcasters around the World rely on BSI every day for their radio automation software, play out and multi-channel logging / skimming solutions. Developed and supported in the United States by a dedicated team of broadcast professionals, our software has helped BSI become one of the leading suppliers of small, medium and multi-station markets with distributors in every continent.
Broadcasters General StoreThumbnail212Since 1979, we have supplied equipment to the broadcast industry ranging from legendary stations to the smallest facilities. Whether it’s a complete studio rebuild or a handful of connectors, BGS takes care of everything.
Buoyancy Public RelationsThumbnail113Buoyancy Public Relations is a growing public relations firm that specializes in assisting Christian authors and causes, and has a great commitment to Christian media and professional journalism standards. As a returning exhibitor at NRB, Buoyancy is proud to introduce its authors and their compelling God-stories to the NRB community.
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Capture BooksThumbnail735CAPTURE BOOKS is a Colorado-based boutique publishing and marketing group since 2015. We select quality Christian storytellers who are willing to embark on the full journey of authorship as an entrepreneur, and minister of the Gospel.
Cars Inc.Thumbnail248CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) is a California-based nonprofit organization supporting thousands of other nonprofits and hundreds of public media stations across the U.S. and in Canada. To date, CARS has returned more than $176 million to our public media partners. The underpinning of our successful programs is gratitude and great service. With over 15 years of nonprofit and public media support--Experience counts!
CASTUSThumbnail718CASTUS provides flexible software scheduling systems and video playout servers. CASTUS is built on a Linux operating system to ensure reliability, future growth, security, and ease of use. Manage your TV stations and all your digital signs through one interface.
CDR CommunicationsThumbnail513See Climate Hustle 2. In theaters April 21st. For over 35 years, CDR has created life changing, award-winning productions! Our innovative media products have helped our clients raise millions of dollars and get across their messages. We have produced seven TV and twenty-five radio series. Our professional staff have worked to touch audiences using celebrity talent, cutting-edge technology, and original music. See another project:
Center for Medical ProgressThumbnail708
Charisma MediaThumbnail451We glorify God as a growing profitable media company by providing Spirit-Filled Christians globally with resources to empower them to change their world through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Chetu Inc.Thumbnail551Chetu develops faith-based custom software solutions for churches, religious institutions, media, and nonprofits. For more information, visit
Christian Friends of Yad VashemThumbnail244Christian Friends of Yad Vashem (CFYV) was established in October 2006 in cooperation with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) to raise awareness about the Holocaust and its universal lessons in Christian communities. Today CFYV is active in many countries worldwide and works with a variety of denominations and Christian ministries to build bridges between Jews and Christians. We firmly believe in Yad Vashem's motto: Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future.
Christian Healthcare MinistriesThumbnail629Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) enables its hundreds of thousands of members to biblically, affordably and compassionately share to pay each other’s medical bills. Members meet each other’s needs—spiritually and financially—through some of life’s most challenging (illness) and exciting (the birth of a child) circumstances. A nonprofit organization, CHM began in 1981 and is America’s longest-serving Christian health cost sharing ministry. CHM is an eligible option under the Affordable Care Act, a Better Business Accredited Charity, and the only health cost sharingministry heard on The Dave Ramsey show. CHM members have shared nearly $4.5 billion in each other’s medical bills. Learn about CHM’s many advantages at
Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA)Thumbnail218Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA) represents, promotes, and strengthens small publishers and independently published authors producing Christian books. The Association provides information and tools for success in publishing and marketing to our members. CIPA is the sponsor of the Christian Indie Awards.
Christian Television NetworkThumbnail302Christian Television Network (CTN) celebrates 40 years of Christian Programming and features a nightly live prayer show along with popular national pastors such as Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, James Robinson, Andrew Wommack and many more. Catch some of our original programs like Herman & Sharron, Homekeepers and Real Life.
CIFF / Stan Cottrell Friendship SportsThumbnail303The Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) is a division of A.C.T. Canada (Artists in Christian Testimony) which is a charitable not-for profit organization. Our mission is to showcase, promote, and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of faith, family and independent films. The festival runs September 18-19, 2020, at the world-class five star Hotel X Resort Hotel in Toronto Canada.
CNLTVThumbnail315Russian and Ukrainian Christian Television broadcasting worldwide through satellite, cable and internet. Translation services available from English at cost price. We will work with you to place your programs in all the countries of the former Soviet Union.
COICOMThumbnail132The annual conventions organized by COICOM are unique in their kind and dimension, gathering thousands of Christian communicators and top Christian leaders from over 20 nations in Latin America. These conventions take place in different countries each year and are the ideal meeting place for Christian communicators, broadcasters, businessmen, pastors and leaders from the whole continent. Our conventions serve to train, connect, equip, and mobilize the church to fulfill the Great Commission.
Combat Anti-SemitismThumbnail719Combat Anti-Semitism (CAS) is a non-partisan, global grassroots movement of more than 180,000 individuals and 190 organizations, across all religions and faiths, united around the goal of ending anti-Semitism. The CAS Movement introduces its own campaigns and supports and highlights the work of its partner organizations, governments and other bodies trying to fight anti-Semitism. CAS educates about anti-Semitism, reports on its various manifestations, gives a platform for people to tell their personal stories, recognized those making a difference, and most of all, activates individuals to get involved. The CAS Pledge draws upon the IHRA definition of anti- Semitism.
ComrexThumbnail222Comrex designs and builds equipment that uses the most advanced available technology to connect broadcasters with their audiences. We strive to build reliable, user-friendly tools that engineers can trust to work, even during complicated broadcasts. Our goal is to make it easy for broadcasters to create the programming they care about.
ComunicadoresUSAThumbnail130An NRB-inspired association of Spanish-speaking media leaders, equipping and inspiring a new generation of communicators to support the church in the transformation of their communities and our nation. CUSA trains church media teams, broadcasters, media students and ministry leaders with workshops during the annual Expolit conference in Miami (August 5-9, 2020). We also offer online media training and professional enrichment, after-work networking events, and special conferences in major Hispanic cities. For details see
CrossMedia/LightcastThumbnail421The Lightcast Media Cloud is an intuitive Media Management System for multi-platform publishing & a Multi-CDN provider, delivering bitrate adaptive live-streams, on-demand media and linear 24/7 streams at transparent and budget-minded rates for publication on websites, social networks, mobile apps and OTT/ConnectedTV. It encompasses cloud-based transcoding, DRM, API, viewership analytics and content management features, providing monetization tools and viewer-response systems to maximize growth. Ask about our Foundation-Grants for Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV and AppleTV.
CSN InternationalThumbnail351CSN International Idaho and California is a Bible teaching radio network with stations throughout the nation.
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Dance Awareness: No Child ExploitedThumbnail208“In children’s dance classes around the nation, young children are learning to dance with harmful choreography that hypersexualizes them in adult costumes, choreography and music instead of enjoying the researched benefits of age-appropriate, healthy dance. Founded by dance educator and author Mary Bawden, DA:NCE (Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited/ is committed to providing education and awareness to end the hypersexualization of children in dance.”
Decisions, Choices, & OptionsThumbnail450Decisions, Choices and Options is a success-oriented and proven education program based on the primary prevention health model of sexual risk avoidance. We promote and equip optimal health outcomes and economic, relational and educational success for all youth!
DJB Software Inc dba DJBRadio (Digital JukeBox)Thumbnail125DJB Zone "Best of Show Award" winning automation software shown with Wheatstone Virtual LXE Surface - Audioarts ip Console First Showing - DJB VPS (Cloud) based automation - DJB Web Stream Logger & DJB Radio Spider Clients - attending NRB Adam Robinson - Ron Paley DJB with Jay Tyler of Wheatstone Booth 126
DonorDirectThumbnail623DonorDirect has the software you need, backed by an organization that believes in your ministry. Our purpose and passion are to help your ministry thrive by providing the most advanced donor management and CRM software. Our DonorStudio suite of products provides the solutions you need to help empower your team, engage your donors, and maximize your productivity. With over 20 years of successful ministry partnerships, we invite you to find out why DonorDirect is the top choice for Christian ministries around the world.
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Embrace Grace, IncThumbnail617Embrace Grace equips churches on how to love and support single and pregnant young women in their communities. Through their discipleship programs, there are 700+ active churches in nearly 50 states, 8 countries + Puerto Rico that host support groups. 6000+ single moms have been empowered to have hope again. The church has a powerful opportunity to be a catalyst of change for women as well as broaden their community outreach to help moms be brave and choose life. Embrace Grace works with 2000+ ministry partners to tailor a pro-life message with a pro-love approach. We understand what it feels like to want to talk about hard and important things, but fear offending others. We can help you deliver unifying and innovative content that sparks change.
Emunah IsraelThumbnail251EMUNAH (which means FAITH, in Hebrew) - is one of Israel's leading social action organizations supporting Israel's most neediest children and families for over 80 years. From birth through golden age, EMUNAH uses the power of faith and Jewish values to provide services that will guide, support and empower children, women and families, towards a better future. In recognition for its impact on the people of Israel, EMUNAH has been awarded the prestigious Israel Prize.
ENCO Systems350
Encompass Digital MediaThumbnail547Encompass is a global technology services company supporting faith-based organizations with the delivery of their programing across television, digital platforms and radio. Services include radio, TV channel playout, digital media (OTT), global distribution and live events. For more information, please visit
Evangelism Explosion InternationalThumbnail717"Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication. Evangelism Explosion's purpose is to glorify God by equipping believers to multiply in and through local churches worldwide.
Evolution DisprovenThumbnail517In Evolution Disproven, author Michelle Scott draws out the comparison between writing a book and creating life using scientifically-based arguments. She proposes that using Darwinian evolution to explain the diversity of life is like creating a library filled with books all created by nature. Evolution is the book of life written without an author, but the creation of life is exponentially more complex than that of a book—so much so that all available scientific intelligence combined with supercomputers have never been able to create life from nonlife. Even so, evolutionary theory tells us intelligence isn’t necessary and that nature created life.
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Faith Radio - WLBF/WSTF/WDYFThumbnail220Faith Broadcasting is a network of 8 Christian FM outlets headquartered in Montgomery, AL, and serving sections of Central and South Alabama, Northwest Florida, and Southwest Georgia. It is also heard online at and through the Faith Radio App. Bob Crittenden of The Meeting House, heard weekdays from 4-6pm CT, is on location to record interview content.
Family 7Thumbnail513Family7 is a Dutch Family TV network airing 24/7 Christian content all over the country through cable and satellite. All main cable providers carry Family7 in their package, reaching approximately 4.5 million households, which is 80% of all digital connections. Family7 acquires TV series, documentaries, films and reality series.
Fellowship Of European BroadcastersThumbnail136FEB is an International Fellowship, connecting, serving and representing Christian Broadcasting Organisations and Individuals involved in Communications and Broadcasting throughout Europe. FEB encourages co-operation and networking between Christians in the Media and Chairman Harvey Thomas CBE, speaks for FEB on media issues including Online Safety. FEB provides a forum for the distribution of news worldwide through "Snippets" (4,500+ circulation). The Fellowship represents the interests of European Christians in the context of global media.
Friends and HeroesThumbnail446Friends and Heroes provides award-winning video resources which use both hand-drawn and computer-generated animation to teach Bible stories to children, aged 5 to 11. Opportunities are available for distribution and broadcast worldwide in 15 languages. Lion Hudson provides an extensive catalog of quality books for children, families, individuals and communities with opportunities available for sales and distribution, plus TV and film rights!
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Galcom InternationalThumbnail512Galcom exists to give help and tools to the missionaries who have answered the call of Christ to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” By providing solar-powered, fix-tuned radios, installing radio stations, and using audio technology, Galcom helps missionaries multiply their impact and reach more people in a larger area with the Gospel every day.
Genesis Alive LLCThumbnail240Genesis Alive LLC publishes books and sponsors websites focused on biblically based origins worldview and stewardship. We also produced our first film documentary coming in 2020.
Global Ministries FoundationThumbnail317Founded by Richard L. Hamlet in 2003, as a holistic relief and development organization, GMF is focused on sponsoring gospel centered ministries in over 30 countries. In doing business as missions, the urgency of showing God’s love in the workplace became evident. That’s when GMF’s radio ministry was developed entitled, Ministry in the Marketplace. Each week, MITM digs deep into God’s word while featuring inspiring stories and ways to minister in your marketplace.
Glorystar Satellite SystemsThumbnail102Glorystar offers a full range of satellite and internet streaming broadcast equipment as well as media distribution services for Christian ministries, content creators and aggregators. Glorystar reaches over 2 million viewers in North America whom enjoy watching the largest selection of Christian and family friendly programs from across the globe via satellite or internet television. Glorystar offers affordable options to reach viewers via satellite and the internet worldwide.
Grace And Truth RadioThumbnail416GraceAndTruthRadio.World is your affordable global platform to reach the nations. Last year over 40 countries tuned in to hear our mix of Biblically based teaching and Christian Music. We are always looking to partner with God's people to move His message forward.
Grace TV (India)Thumbnail711Grace TV is a satellite channel in India, impacting almost 4 billion people across the 10/40 window, influencing the 7 cultural mountains in the most persecuted and unreached parts of the world. It is available on all digital platforms. Grace TV is directly helping trafficked, orphan, underprivileged children & widows, planting churches, making disciples & raising up leaders…
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HaivisionThumbnail236Haivision is the leader in live video streaming technologies, providing more than 25,000 organizations globally with video solutions that help them stream broadcast-quality, low-latency video from anywhere. Founded in 2004, Haivision is headquartered in Montreal and Chicago, with regional offices located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Haivision offers houses of worship a variety of video solutions tailored for faith streaming, including online streaming, multi-site delivery, multi-site monitoring, digital signage, and bi-directional video.
Hendrickson & Rose PublishingThumbnail202Hendrickson Publishers has a strong history of producing thoughtful books for both the scholarly community and general Christian readers. Hendrickson offers an expanded Bibles publishing program, Bible studies, Christian living books, and perennial favorites. Rose Publishing, an imprint of Hendrickson Publishers, creates full-color products (award-winning books, wallcharts, pamphlets, DVD-based curriculum, and PowerPoints). They are designed for personal, church, small group, and school use, and are packed with easy-to-understand diagrams, maps, photos, charts, and timelines.
HisAir.NetThumbnail117HisAir.Net is a trade publication serving Christian Radio & Records worldwide since 2002 … HisAir.Net! Christian Radio & Records professionals visit HisAir.Net daily for industry news… accurate and quick!…What’s happening at Christian Radio stations... at Christian Record labels... the latest job openings, promotions, interviews with industry leaders and much more.
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Israel Ministry of TourismThumbnail229The Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) is Israel's government tourism board. Its HQ is located in NYC and it has regional offices in Atlanta (Southern Region), Chicago (Midwest) and LA (Western Region). Its mission is to brand, market and promote travel to Israel through different channels including work with traditional and digital media outlets, B2B and B2C marketing campaigns and assistance to tour operators, travel consultants, airlines, churches and pastors. IMOT participates in trade shows and Christian and general conferences offering many opportunities for the travel industry to turn Israel into their product.
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Joy in Jesus MinistriesThumbnail713Joy in Jesus Ministries introduces "The Nathanael Project" - a 2-month church evangelism program teaching everyone they need to bring their Nathanaels to Jesus.
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K-LoveThumbnail341To create compelling media that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ.
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LBG Marketing Inc.Thumbnail103LBG (Lord Be Glorified) Marketing Inc. provides equipment and services to the radio broadcast industry specializing in Christian Radio. We can provide almost everything from the mic to the tower. Come see what equipment Inovonics, Nautel, Davicom and others have to make your broadcast ministry more successful. Let us encourage and uphold you in the ministry to which God has called you.
Liberty CounselThumbnail349Liberty Counsel is an international Christian ministry that proclaims, advocates and defends the gospel of Jesus Christ through litigation, education, and public policy activities dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and the family.
Libsyn ProThumbnail607LibsynPro offers the fastest & most reliable Podcast hosting with industry best statistics, Smartphone Apps, premium subscription service and multi-destination publishing to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. LibsynPro is used by the biggest names including - Joyce Meyer, Dave Ramsey, Kenneth Copeland and over 67,000 other podcasts.
LIFECARE FoundationsThumbnail748LifeCare Foundations services Veterans and Seniors in need of Adult Day Care Services. All donations are tax deductible and accompanied by a signed book, entitled, "Leaving Your Life Imprint" endorsed by two NY times best selling authors.
Lifeway WorshipThumbnail737LifeWay Worship supports the Church in Her mission of making disciples by providing resources such as choral and congregational music, church supplies, worship events, and specialized services and products. From worship brands such as Let’s Sing, You Can! and and church supplies including Communion supplies, bulletins, envelopes, and more to One Source offering services that help run a church, LifeWay Worship is the most comprehensive worship resource provider in the industry.
LinkUp Communications CorpThumbnail712Do you have a story to share? Let us secure your content and transmissions and deliver - without interruptions. LinkUp Communications is a premier technology integrator, providing 24/7 communications services and support for broadcasters across the globe. Our company is known for our design, integration and installation of satellite uplink and downlink networks. We work closely with our clients, not only solving their connectivity issues but delivering premium customer service well after the sale.
Lion of Judah - Max GreinerThumbnail635In January of 2006, the Holy Spirit gave artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. a vision for a unique “Lion Of Judah”TM Ten Commandments monument. The composition is based on Genesis 49:10, Psalms 121:4 and Revelation 19:11, where the Messiah of the Jews is described as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The sculptor depicted a regal, mature male lion standing on a massive Ten Commandments base. Small lion sculptures were created first. The life-size (105%) 11’ long bronze sculpture was completed and unveiled at the Billy and Franklin Graham event in Waco, Texas in 2017. The Signed and Numbered copyrighted edition is available in bronze, pewter and resin, in different sizes. The #1 life-size casting has been given to the people of Israel, as a gift of love from American Christians, who joined with the artist to make this gift possible.
Live365Thumbnail716With new owners, a renewed passion for webcasters, and added experience, Live365 relaunched on May 01, 2017. The ‘new’ Live365 is even more dedicated and passionate about giving Faith Based Radio Stations and Shows the best place to stream on the internet. With powerful streaming tools, monetization, and listening distribution, Live365 is again the best one-stop-shop for your radio station's streaming!
Living As One, LLCThumbnail131Living As One, LLC is a privately held technology company focused on improving communications within and between geographically broad organizations, and empowering them to better serve their audiences. The company was founded in 2014 to fill a void in the professional video market for a highly resilient live streaming solution, and now serves thousands of non-profit and for-profit organizations across the globe through the Multisite and Web Platforms.
Love PackagesThumbnail119Love Packages collects Christian literature from Publishing houses, ministries, churches and individuals and then distributes these materials into third world countries. In 2020 we plan on shipping over 2000 tons of literature around the world.
LUMO ProjectThumbnail138Redefining the standard of visual biblical media, LUMO is a visual translation of the four Gospels, developed to truly engage people with Scripture. The films are the first ever to use word-for-word, unabridged Scripture paired with stunning visuals to share a realistic portrayal of the life of Jesus in first-century Palestine. Designed for extensive translations, it’s voiceover narration promotes biblical literacy for people of any language or culture.
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Max Greiner Jr. DesignsThumbnail203Internationally collected Christian artist & evangelist who has exhibited at NRB since 1993. Art is collected in all 50 states & 80 countries. Owned by US Presidents, Senators, Attorney Generals, Governors & stars of business, sports, music & film. Holy Spirit inspired work includes monumental sculptures, drawings, paintings, awards & art gifts. Original designs are copyrighted & trademarked. Greiner founded & designed The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden on IH-10 in Texas to win souls.
MegaVoiceThumbnail413Since inventing the first solar-powered audio Bible over 30 years ago, MegaVoice continues to innovate and supply the Church with effective, solar-powered technology to “break the silence” so that every tribe, language, people and nation can hear and understand the transformational message of the Good News for the glory of God. Our audio Bibles are available in almost 4,000 different languages/dialects and are customizable to fit your ministry's needs.
Mercy ShipsThumbnail209Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver world-class healthcare services, capacity building, and sustainable development to those with limited access in the developing world. Founded in 1978 Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $1.53 billion and benefits more than 2.7 million people. Mercy Ships seeks to transform individuals and serve nations one at a time.
MicahTekThumbnail548MicahTek is a full turn-key service provider offering Call Center, Fulfillment, Caging, Data Management, eCommerce, Donor Management and CD/DVD on-demand duplication. MicahTek’s 30+ years of experience along with a great team of professionals, results in excellent service and increased revenues to your organization. MicahTek’s Call Center technology will handle the largest of direct response, prayer and customer service in-bound calls. Contact MicahTek today to learn about MicahTek’s broad range of services.
Moody PublishingThumbnail412Moody Publishers, a nonprofit Christian publisher founded in 1894 by D.L. Moody, has distributed more than 300,000,000 books - from Bible commentary and reference to spiritual and relational growth. Our author partnerships include Gary Chapman, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Tony Evans, John MacArthur, Erwin Lutzer, A.W. Tozer and many more.
Museum of the BibleThumbnail447Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all peple to engage with the Bible.
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New Day LED SystemsThumbnail649New Day has over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing and sourcing in Asia. This experience allows us to be uniquely positioned to provide you hassle-free solutions for your LED display needs. We partner with the very best local installers and technicians to provide you both neighborhood service and global value.
Nimble ConnectThumbnail104Thanking your donors is the right thing to do. Do gratitude the right way with Nimble Connect. Our job is to deepen your ministry's donor relationships. Come by booth 104 to find out more!
Noseworthy Travel ServicesThumbnail647Noseworthy Travel Services is a Christian Group Tour Operator, specializing in quality faith based travel experiences for 52 years. Since 1967, NTS has grown on a reputation of personal service, outstanding quality, excellent prices and high integrity. Our experience and expertise sets us apart! We partner with Christian Ministries and churches to create the trip-of-a-lifetime group travel experience, over and over!
NRBTVThumbnail123With a variety of topics and genres, our programming inspires deep thinking and provides practical tools that helps viewers learn, know apply, and share God’s truth. Our objective is to compete not with other faith-based networks, but with educational networks such as PBS, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, A&E and the Travel Channel—from a Christian worldview.
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Operation Care InternationalThumbnail216Operation Care International exists to glorify God. In obedience to His will, we connect impoverished children and the homeless to Jesus Christ by providing for their spiritual and physical needs through God’s provisions both at home and abroad.
Operation Nehemiah MissionsThumbnail126Operation Nehemiah Missions International Inc is headquartered in Lanesborough, MA USA. Statement of Faith: The compelling and prevailing motivation of Operation Nehemiah Missions is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby bringing people to repentance and eternal Salvation for their soul upon this premises rest the welfare of any community and the Bible is the final authority in all matters of life.
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Pensmore FilmsThumbnail204Coming this fall: Against the Tide, Pensmore Films’ feature-length documentary on Oxford professor, mathematician, and philosopher of science John Lennox, with actor and director Kevin Sorbo, filmed on location around the world. Do science and history refute the Bible and the Christian worldview? John Lennox has devoted a lifetime to rigorously investigating the intersection of science and Christianity. He sets the record straight, as he stands against the tide of disinformation and proclaims the Truth.
Presidential Prayer TeamThumbnail107We are a national ministry dedicated to a focused mission of encouraging, inspiring and praying for our president and national and military leaders. We also seek to be a catalyst in the development of a robust prayer lifestyle, by providing tools to encourage prayer – through radio, email, web, mobile phones and other communication tools. Ultimately, we believe that prayer will transform our nation, one heart at a time.
Proclaiming Justice to the NationsThumbnail521PJTN educates, advocates, and moves to activate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience in building a global community of action and prayer in support of Jews and Israel. We are engaged in winning the ideological, social, moral and spiritual battle for the mind of this generation.
PTZOpticsThumbnail115PTZOptics manufactures high-quality PTZ cameras and accessories for streaming and recording house of worship services. Our products strike the perfect balance between value, features, and quiality.
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Quad Tape TransferThumbnail549At Quad Tape Transfer, Larry operates and maintains several different types of 2 inch videotape machines for use in converting analog video tape playback into digital computer files. At Timeless Recording, Shai operates and maintains several different types of film and small format video tape machines as well as a variety of different audio machines for digitization from film, audio, or video tape.
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RCSThumbnail723RCS has a proud history of innovation, currently holding 45 patents in the field of broadcasting. Inventors of computerized music scheduling with the legendary Selector, RCS continues to lead the way with multiple award-winning products such as Zetta radio automation, GSelector music scheduling, the groundbreaking 2GO series of mobile solutions and The Zetta Cloud. New to the list is Revma; an affordable and complete online professional streaming solution.
Recovery Television NetworkThumbnail709The Recovery TV Network is a Free video on demand platform to help those battling with addictions overcome and start their process of recovering. Through Films, TV shows and programs that enlighten and encourage them to be able to find the help they need to battle any addiction. RTN was founded by Dr. Ben Graham, President of Graham Family Films along with his brothers who serve on the Board of Graham Family Films. Their desire is to help fight the addiction epidemic that has plagued our nation. You can find RTN on Roku world wide and RTN will have original programing airing on local stations in the top 100 markets nation-wide starting in the summer 2020.
Redemption GlobalThumbnail124Headquartered in Nashville, TN. REDEMPTION GLOBAL is a premier Ministry based, entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music & media industry. With a rich history of working with top artists, actors & authors, our mission is to help increase your following, expand your reach, and take your ministry to the highest level of excellence achievable. Integrity and truth combined with creativity and innovation are the core principles of our ministry. In an ever-changing world we have adopted a commitment and dedication to take REDEMPTION to the world! Our services include; Management, Music/Book Publishing, TV/Film/Radio Promotion, Marketing and more.
Response UnlimitedThumbnail614With over 40 years of experience, Response Unlimited is ready and able to help you minimize your risk, maximize your ROI, and enable you to effectively grow your organization. As a full-service direct marketing company, Response Unlimited offers much more than just list brokerage. Whether you are a new organization or one that has been around for years, Response Unlimited can help you grow in phenomenal ways.
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SAVE- Mission RecoveryThumbnail705Mission Recovery was established To Educate, Empower, and Equip the faith community and heal the wounds of alcohol and drug abuse on our nation, especially the opioid crisis. We sponsor Addiction Recovery Sunday (
SCMS Inc.Thumbnail403SCMS is a privately held company that started in 1976. It is a family owned and operated company that excels in providing broadcast solutions for Radio and TV stations around the world. SCMS understands all facets of the broadcast business and has experts to take a project from inspiration to completion. SCMS is a member of VOSB, Veteran Owned Small Business. SCMS has 18 sales reps and broadcast engineers across the US and Latin America.
Sharing InternationalThumbnail134Sharing International is a multi-faceted volunteer Christian NGO, empowering nationals of the developing world in establishing and maintaining local Christian media and humanitarian works through training and mentorship programs led by international volunteer media and medical professionals.
Shively LabsThumbnail706Shively Labs manufactures a complete line of FM antennas, filters, combiners and coax components. Shively's unique line of antennas will support multi-station shared sites, complex directional systems and low power translators. Shively also offers a complete array of filter and combiner products designed to be configured for any FM installation. We are an Employee Owned Company and we take pride in everything that leaves our building. Let’s work together on your next project.
Soliton Systems, Inc.Thumbnail234We develop innovative technology for IT Security, Remote Live Broadcasting and special unique embedded solutions.
Stream StationThumbnail313We are the easy button for your critical broadcasting and live-streaming initiatives. We focus on the technology needs so your CEO can lead with confidence that the message will be clear. Service areas include: OTT | VOD | Live-Streaming | Storage | Cloud Applications
Suntronics LED Inc.120
SuperChannel WACX-TVThumbnail418SuperChannel WACX-TV is a full-powered, commercial Christian broadcast television station covering all of central Florida over-the-air and via cable outlets. DMA--Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne, Florida.
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Teradek LLCThumbnail750Teradek is a global leader in video hardware & software technologies for broadcast, live events, and feature films. Since 2008, Teradek has developed robust end-to-end solutions that help professionals achieve fast, reliable and cost-effective video transport. Utilizing the latest in IP delivery standards, our devices offer low-latency point-to-point streaming, 4G LTE network bonding, live streaming to online CDNs, and remote cloud management. Learn more at
The ADS Group729
The Miracle ChannelThumbnail503We're Canada's only all-Christian TV station streaming Biblical teaching, talk shows, movies, kid's shows, and news into over 5.6 million homes. Even though we're based in Alberta, our programs touch people all across the globe. We envision a country where believers are on fire for Jesus, hungry for God's Word and walk in the power of His promises. Together with our donors, we're changing our nation.
The Papillion CenterThumbnail650The Papillion Center is a faith based counseling center that specializes in Trauma, Attachment disorders and FASD/NAS. We do that by by addressing each of the five identified areas of need: social skills, emotional intervention, therapeutic parenting skills, nutritional and neurochemistry impact, education and support groups. Our vision statement is "Bringing Hope and Healing to Children and Families in Hard Places".
Thinking Man Films129
Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.Thumbnail347Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. is an award-winning digital agency that serves ministries, nonprofits and businesses from headquarters in Irvine, CA. As the nation's top ministry digital agency, we work with ministries across the nation including Billy Graham, Samaritan's Purse, Harvest Christian Fellowship and Focus on the Family. From ministry web design to digital marketing to digital fundraising, Trinet has the expertise to make your ministry successful using our digital strategies, techniques and technologies.
Truth NetworkThumbnail602Truth Network delivers the Gospel through 15 radio stations in three formats, Truth Syndication of ministry programming, Digital assets, and Social media. We help new ministry broadcasts learn how to start on the radio, and provide avails in five Top-50 markets to mature ministries.
Tulix Systems, Inc.Thumbnail721Tulix provides complete end-to-end online video solutions to customers around the world from its data centers in the US and Europe. The company operates its own streaming-optimized content delivery network (TulixCDN) which has made it one of the top destinations for content owners and distributors of all sizes looking to stream standard and high definition video with no loading or buffering. (CDN, Live Streaming/VOD, Cloud Playout, App Development, OTT, Monetization, and Content Management Systems)
TV Visjon NorgeThumbnail715TV Visjon Norge and TV Vision Sweden are Scandinavias leading Christian TV networks that broadcast 24/7. Combined, both networks reach 15 million Norwegians and Swedes via satellite, cable and web/VOD. We want to give American content providers a chance to share their programs to the Scandinavian people. Get in touch with our staff for more information about our amazing offer on available airtime!
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Virtuous SoftwareThumbnail727Virtuous is the responsive nonprofit’s growth partner. We work side-by-side with leaders and equip their nonprofits with an integrated responsive CRM, marketing automation, and giving platform built by fundraisers for fundraisers, Plus, provide modern fundraising playbook designed to build lasting relationships with today’s donor and hands-on support and on-going insights delivered by real people who deeply care about your success.
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WATC-TVThumbnail106WATC TV serves Atlanta, Georgia and beyond with Christian and educational programming. Original series include "Atlanta Live," "Babbie's House,""Friends & Neighbors," "Seniors Today," "Gospel Music USA," "Josh & Ashley," "On the Move," and "This Day." WATC also has a digital subchannel, WATC TOO, with its own original programming.
WAVSTARThumbnail609WAVSTAR is a Cloud Based System used to manage Customer Relationships and the Sales and Production process. WAVSTAR is intuitive and powerful, combining the functionality of CRM and Production workflow software. Developed for broadcast industry, WAVSTAR generates sales orders that electronically transmit to traffic systems avoiding duplicate data entry. One comprehensive platform designed for Radio, TV and Digital that consolidates multiple systems on one platform to save time and money.
WBNA TV 21Thumbnail135Spectrum Solution is a diginet brokering service for Television Stations, here to offer new ministries based programs. Word Media is launching a new network! Word Media Network is highlighted in this booth as well.
What's In The Bible?Thumbnail448VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer and a cast of hilarious friends teach children the story of the whole Bible – God’s great rescue plan – in this fun, innovative video series. Broadcast and distribution opportunities are available worldwide. Wonderborn works to develop and create the highest quality entertainment, through bringing together world class values-based and faith inspired storytelling to create inspirational experiences which touch the younger generation. Broadcast opportunities are available.
Wheatstone Corp.Thumbnail125Located in New Bern NC USA, Wheatstone Corporation designs and manufactures professional broadcast audio equipment under the WHEATSTONE, AUDIOARTS ENGINEERING, PR&E and VOXPRO brand names. Products include digital audio consoles and control surfaces, analog audio consoles, networked digital audio systems, audio-over-IP, digital audio editing hardware and software, signal processing for on-air broadcast, and customizable graphical user interfaces for real-time control of audio network systems.
World Wide Printing714WWP specializes in printing light weight paper with many cover binding options. Our binding styles include genuine and bonded leather, PU, PVC, hard and soft back covers. WWP offers many options such as gilded edges, tab indexes, and retail boxes. We have shipped our Bibles and books to over 110 countries. Our production normally range between 5,000 – 1,000,000 copies.