2016 Australasian Sexual Health Conference and 2016 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference
HIV&AIDS Posters
Poster Number Title of Presentation Name
Theme A
1 The New and Improved Alere HIV Combo, How Does it Compare to its Predecessor? Jessica De Vries
2 Drug Resistance among Women Attending Antenatal Clinics in Ghana Philip Enyan
Theme B
3 Longer Term Safety of Tenofovir Alafenamide in Renal impairment Mark Bloch
4 Renal Safety of Tenofovir Alafenamide in Patients at High Risk of Kidney Disease Robert Finlayson
5 STRIIVING: Switching to Abacavir/Dolutegravir/Lamivudine Fixed Dose Combination from a PI, NNRTI or INI-Based Regimen Maintains HIV Suppression at Week 48 Michael Aboud
6 Superior Efficacy of Dolutegravir/Abacavir/Lamivudine Fixed Dose Combination vs Ritonavir-Boosted Atazanavir plus Tenofovir/Emtricitabine in Treatment-Naïve Women with HIV-1 Infection (ARIA Study) Michael Aboud
7 Dolutegravir Based Regimens (Dbrs) Viral Load Decay at Week 4 Could Predict Sustained Viral Suppression at Week 96 Pedro Eitz Ferrer
8 Safety and Efficacy of Dolutegravir by Age, Race and Gender: Subgroup Analysis of 96wk Results from Treatment-Naïve Phase III Trials Mark Bloch
9 Rate and predictors of Integrase Inhibitor-uptake at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre Kate Mackie
10 A Retrospective Clinical Audit of General Practices in Australia to Determine the Motivation for Switch to DTG/ABC/3TC and Clinical Outcomes. Pedro Eitz Ferrer
11 Experiences and Expectations of Participants Completing HIV Cure Focused Clinical Trials James McMahon
12 Who Attends Community-Based HIV Testing Services? Results from the Gay Community Periodic Surve Evelyn Lee
13 Quality aspects of HIV Point-of-Care Testing in remote community-based settings in New South Wales Claudette Satchell
14 Audit of Methods to Maximise Appointment Attendance across Different Models of HIV Care James McMahon
15 Barriers to HIV Medication Adherence: For People with Mental Health Diagnosis and/or Problematic Use of Alcohol or Drugs. Danny Barnes
16 Pharmacist perceptions and attitudes toward dispensing HIV medicines in the community Lisa Nissen
17 Assessment of the Incidence and Time to Treatment of STIs in a HIV-Positive MSM Cohort from a Tertiary HIV Service. Thornton Macauley
18 Characteristics of HIV Patients at Albion Centre Without a Regular GP Mithilesh Dronavalli
19 Cardiovascular Risk Outweighs Fracture Risk Though Both Are Correlated in a Heterogenous Australian HIV Cohort Su Mei Goh
20 Addressing Smoking in Routine Health Care of People Living With HIV: The Practices and Attitudes of Australian Health Care Providers Stephanie Bell
21 Uptake of Pneumococcal Vaccination in New HIV Positive Clients Attending Sydney Sexual Health Centre Over a Four Year Period Cherie Desreaux
22 Delivering the Resources to Support Effective HIV Care in NSW Sharon Robinson
23 A Mobile Technology Enhanced Electronic Medical Record/Clinical Decision Support System for Perinatal HIV Management: A Case Study from Kenya Neel Arant Bandy
24 Advocacy and Collaboration: First HIV Pregnancy for a Regional Service Catherine Orr 
25 Early Height and Weight Changes in Asian Children Using Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis with Antiretroviral Therapy David Boettiger
26 Treatment Efficacy of Doxycycline for Rectal Lymphogranuloma Venereum in Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Jason Ong
27 Eliminating hepatitis C transmission among people with HIV co-infection by enhancing care and treatment: the co-EC Study cohort characteristics Joseph Doyle
28 High Efficacy of Elbasvir/Grazoprevir (EBR/GZR) in HCV Genotype 1, 4, and 6-Infected Patients With HIV Coinfection Mark Bloch
29 Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir Single-Tablet Regimen for 12 Weeks in Patients Co-Infected With Hcv and Hiv-1: The Phase 3 Astral-5 Study Gail Matthews
30 Double Trouble: Treating HIV-HCV Coinfection in General Practice David Baker
31 A Holiday to Remember: Tenofovir-Induced Osteomalacia Brittany Knezevic
32 Tuberculous Meningoencephalitis and Cerebral Toxoplasmosis in HIV patient with Stevens Johnson syndrome: a case report Siti Nurlaela
33 Case study: Cutaneous vasculitis in setting of starting dolutegravir Vincent Cornelisse
34 Screening and Management of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in HIV-Positive Patients Tahiya Amin
35 A Snapshot of Neuropsychological Health in a “50-Something Aged” Cohort of People Living with Chronic HIV Infection Susan Herrmann
36 Comparison between Metropolitan and Regional HIV Medical and Nursing Care based on European AIDS Clinical Society Guidelines ( 2015) Louise Holland
37 Maintaining Engagement in Care and HIV Suppression in Patients with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Co-Morbidities: Outcomes of an Audit John McAllister
38 The Evolution of a Rural HIV Service for Refugee Women Catherine Orr 
39 Development of CALD Focused HIV Peer Support Model Namam Salih
40 Missed and Late diagnosis of HIV- Back to the Future Olivia Smibert
Theme C
41 Methods to prevent HIV transmission used by homosexual male serodiscordant couples in three countries Benjamin Bavinton
42 Title: Surveying tenofovir resistance in the Western Australia HIV cohort. Alison Castley
43 HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): Lessons from Implementation in an Australian General Practice. Vincent Cornelisse
44 The Meaning of “Regular Partner” Amongst Men Who Have Sex with Men in Australia; A Cross-Sectional Analysis. Vincent Cornelisse
45 ISEAN-Hivos Philippines: Strengthening Capacities of Community-Based Organizations (CBO) through Organizational Development (OD) for Sustainability of Community-led HIV and Rights-based Interventions Raine Cortes
46 Chasing The Possible: Are We There Yet? Innovations in Testing to End the HIV Epidemic in NSW, Australia Timothy Duck
47 Associations with PrEP Uptake among Gay and Bisexual Men Mohamed Hammoud
48 Party Drug Use and Sexual Risk Behaviours among Gay and Bisexual Men Mohamed Hammoud
49 The lived experience of sexual life with HIV: Sexual adjustment, functioning and new factors in sex lives due to PrEP Ben Huntingdon
50 Trends and Predictors of Recent HIV Testing Over 22 Years among a Clinic Sample of MSM in South Australia Mikko Li
51 Dolutegravir with Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate - Emtricitabine as HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Gay and Bisexual Men John McAllister
52 HIV “Not Further Specified”: The Limitations in Classifying and Reporting Heterosexual Exposure to HIV Clarissa Moreira
53 Diagnosis of latent and active tuberculosis in HIV-infected patients in a large, tertiary centre cohort in Melbourne, Australia Ramona Muttucumaru
54 Evaluation of the Impact of Grindr Advertisements on Website Traffic and HIV Testing at a Regional Sexual Health Clinic Michael O'Reilly
55 Negotiating HIV in the Sexual and Everyday Lives of Gay Men in Serodiscordant Relationships Steven Philpot
56 Bringing Our People with Us - Gay Community Forums Gavin Prendergast
57 Use of Erectile Dysfunction Medications and Risk Behaviour among Gay and Bisexual Men Garrett Prestage
58 HIV and Aging: Demographic Changes in the Asia-Pacific Region Rainer Puhr
59 Latecomers – A Regional Pilot Study Of Delayed HIV Presentation Richard Riley
60 Pop-up HIV testing at community events: a successful and acceptable addition to the PRONTO! testing model Kathleen Ryan
61 How did you hear about us? Characterising men by the method they found out about a new HIV testing service Kathleen Ryan
62 Trends in HIV diagnoses in New Zealand 1985-2014: Three decades of national monitoring Peter Saxton
63 Changes in condom use with casual partners 2002-2014 in community-based surveys of HIV positive New Zealand gay and bisexual men Peter Saxton
64 The Relationship between Quality of Life, Psychological Distress and Coping Strategies of Persons Living With HIV/AIDS in Cairo, Egypt Salem Shalaweh
65 Delivering the Resources to Support Effective HIV Care in NSW Barbara Telfer
66 Amphetamine-type stimulant (ATS) use among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Vietnam - 8 provinces, 2013 Duong Cong Thanh
67 Seek, Test, Re-Test: Characteristics of High Frequency HIV Testers among Service-Engaged Men Who Have Sex with Men in Myanmar Vanessa Veronese
68 The Relationship between Methamphetamine, Condomless Anal Intercourse and Sexual Sensation Seeking Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Vietnam Nga Vu
69 I’m Ending HIV – Authentic Storytelling to Influence Testing Behaviours and Knowledge of Prep Mike Wacher
70 Reasons for testing among NSW residents newly diagnosed with HIV 2011-2015 Meredith Wickens
71 Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV - What Else to Consider? Elisabeth Wilkinson
72 Repeat HIV testing and early HIV diagnosis among clients attending voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) clinics in Wuxi, China Huachun Zou
Theme D
73 Barriers to Accessing HIV-Related Support Services among (Primarily) Heterosexual HIV Service Users: Results from the Pozhet Periodic Survey 2016. Danny Barnes
74 Examining the Benefits to Women Living with HIV of a Community Organisation-Led Research Project Alison Boughey
75 Standards for Psychosocial Support for Adults Living with HIV Megan Campbell
76 A New Frontier:  PASH.Tm in the HIV Health Promotion Space Ted Cook
77 Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) / HIV Integrated Care Project Dee Holland
78 Parenting Desires, Expectations and Sperm Donation among HIV Positive Gay Men Jen Johnson
79 Eat Well, Live Well With HIV – Addressing Food Insecurity for Clients with HIV Richard Kennedy
80 Sew Tanzania: Showcasing the Resilience of HIV+ Women in Tanzania Nicki Lees
81 Non- Government Organisations Response to HIV in Smaller Jurisdictions: The Benefits of Cross Border Collaborations, to Improve HIV Services for Gay Men, MSM, and People Living with HIV in South Australia Wills Logue
82 Collective Resilience as a Protective Factor for the Mental Health of Gay Men Living With HIV Anthony Lyons
83 Consumer Involvement in the Design, Delivery and Efficacy of a HIV Clinical Service David Murray
84 Wisdom of the Crowds: Key Informant Interviews Evaluating a Crowdsourced Logo Contest for an International HIV Conference Jason Ong
85 The Importance of Enabling Environment: The Impact of Crackdowns on HIV Prevention and Treatment among PWID In Myanmar Sai San Moon Lu