2016 Australasian Sexual Health Conference and 2016 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference

Conference Committee

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee:
  • James Ward, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute 
  • Darren Braun, Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council 
  • Melinda Hassall, ASHM
  • Michael Larkin, Aboriginal Health Council of SA
  • Roberta Mongoo, Wirraka Maya Health Service Aboriginal Corporation, WA
  • Jennifer Needham, Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia
  • Damien Ralphs, SHine SA
Theme A: Understanding and identifying HIV and related infections: Basic Science, Biology and Pathogenesis
  • Damian Purcell, The University of Melbourne
  • Chantelle Ahlenstiel, Kirby Institute 
  • Jenny Anderson, Doherty Institute
  • Kieran Cashin, Burnet Institute
  • Melissa Churchill, Burnet Institute 
  • Sarah Palmer, Centre for Virus Research at Westmead Millennium Institute 
  • Stuart Turville, Kirby Institute
  • Steve Wesselingh, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
  • Adam Wheatley, Doherty Institute
  • Elisabeth Wilkinson, ASHM
Theme B: Managing HIV and related infections: Clinical management and the lived experience of HIV
  • Jennifer Hoy, The Alfred Hospital and Monash University 
  • Brent Allan, NAPWHA
  • Phillip Cunningham, NSW State Reference Laboratory
  • Julian Elliott,  Monash University
  • Sam Libertino, Fiona Stanley Hospital 
  • Liimin Mao, CSRH University of NSW
  • James McMahon, Monash University
  • Kathy Petumenos, Kirby Institute
  • Brett Ritchie,  Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Stephen Ritchie, Auckland City Hospital
  • Steven Wade,  Kensington Road Medical Centre
Theme C: Preventing HIV and related infections:Epidemiology and Prevention in Australia and the Region
  • Martin Holt, CSRH University of NSW 
  • Danny Gallant, SA Health
  • James Gray, ACON
  • Rebecca Guy, Kirby Institutte
  • Wills Logue, South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute 
  • Jennifer Power,  La Trobe University
  • Katy Roy, ASHM
  • Mark Stoove,  Burnet Institute
  • Iryna Zablotska-Manos, Kirby Institute
Theme D: Policy, Politics and Cultural issues of HIV and related infections in Australia and internationally
  • Bridget Haire, Kirby Institute
  • Lisa Bastian, WA Health
  • Stephen Bell, Kirby Institute
  • Suzanne Blogg, NPS Medicine Wise
  • Aaron Cogle, NAPWHA 
  • Scott McGill,  ASHM
  • Christy Newman, CSRH University of NSW 
  • Duc Nguyen, ASHM 
  • Enaam Oudih,  Relationships Australia. South Australia
  • Patrick Rawstorne,  University of NSW
  • Ben Wilcox, AFAO