2016 Legaltech Asia Hong Kong

With it’s highest attendance ever, Legaltech Asia Hong Kong attendees were delighted with this year's event.

Our attendees shared the two keynotes with the U.S.-China Legal Summit. Dan Katz, Professor from Chicago Tech, gave a fast-paced tutorial on how the legal industry can learn from what has happened in the finance. He covered everything from the need to treat a portfolio of litigation cases like a portfolio of stocks – looking for performance across the block of cases rather than whether each individual case is a financial winner; to how finance people have used AI. Judge Zervos from the Hong Kong High Court was also entertaining with his take on the how the law is affected by the globalisation of today's world.  
Legaltech attendees then went off into their own breakout sessions with key takeaways including:

  • Data Privacy – we should stop being reactive to privacy concerns, only putting policies in place and waiting for bad things to happen. Instead, we should focus on understanding the state of the law and the global concerns and create our own “safe harbour”.
  • Innovation - when and how is driving innovation necessary, what works and what doesn’t. How are legal tech startups and alternative business structures responding.  Is the CIO or IT department ready to meet the challenge in Asia?
  • Intersection of Data and Regulations – the impact of emerging data issues and the regulatory lag. How we can deal with these issues and still collaborate and communicate easily.
  • AI – a great primer on AI – what it is and what it isn’t, and some current case studies in law firms of data driven projects, data analytics and “Near AI”.
Attendees joined up again with Summit for Closing Session on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime – got a good grounding in the cybercrime laws and impact in Asia.