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Research Assistant
University of Texas, San Antonio

Rehana is a 4th year doctoral student in Computer Science at University of Texas at San Antonio. She is broadly interested in Cloud Computing and Heterogeneous Real-Time Systems. Her main research focus is on designing scheduling algorithms for cloud environment to ensure fault tolerance and energy efficiency simultaneously. Her recent finished work is on time-sensitive virtual machine provisioning and resource allocation (TS-VMPA) algorithms for heterogeneous resource pools in cloud, published in HPCC 2015. Her next research idea is to analyze the performance of container technologies (like docker) under this algorithms where user requests have multiple deadlines. She has also worked on preference-oriented fixed priority scheduling algorithms for real time systems published in DASC 2014 and received best paper award. She is working on an extension of this work where she proposed a new priority assignment for tasks. she was a SDE Intern at Huawei Technologies R&D Center in 2015.