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Graduate Studennt
Virginia Tech

I am a 4th year PhD. student at Virginia Tceh. My area of research are performance and power modeling for high performance and exa-scale systems. I am advised by Dr. Kirk. W. Cameron in Scape laboratory. I was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan. I got my under-graduate degree from Pakistan. I moved to United States in 2011 after getting married, I started my graduate studies in 2012. I have a 2 year old son too who was born during my graduate student, who is a great human and is the biggest source of inspiration for me. I work closely with hardware and performance issues related to performance. Initially my area of expertise was GPUs but now its more diverse and includes performance, analysis, simulations, emulations, empirical modelings all on hardware and software sides. I plan to graduate next year and I have never been to grace hopper, partially because of family issues but this year I plan to attend and present a poster if it gets accepted.