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Anna University

Working hard to be the state topper among 7 hundred thousand students in twelfth grade exam, helped me fund my entire college studies through scholarships, without depending on my widowed mother. I was selected to present a research poster at GHC’14! I was fortunate enough to be the first and only Indian recipient of the A​lan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship ​2015 of $10,000! I am very passionate about using technology to improve the lives of people less fortunate than me. Living in a country with high suicides rates of farmers and accidents in roads, I was inspired to work on agricultural and V2V projects to address these situations. Being the only female intern in my team at Goldman Sachs, I was motivated to start a WIC club and founded the Lean in circle in my college. My hobby is reading/blogging about women in tech, organizing hackathon for girls and encouraging juniors to chase their dreams. I will be pursuing MS at University of Wisconsin Madison by this Fall!